A Compendium of Old Islay Visit Photos that don’t fit in anywhere else…..

Rummaging through old photographs i found some that may (or may not) be of interest from early visits to Islay .

The first two small but perfectly formed offerings are from our very first visit in 1999 i think , i must have the originals of these somewhere……. Taken on a lovely summer day at the Back of the Lochside hotel , it was a great place to sit with a dram looking over Loch Indaal taking in the Rays ! 

Gordon on Islay Mel on Islay

Love the Aerosmith Tour T-shirt !

On to 2000 , this time a few views around Islay……

(Click on photos to see full size)

BruichladdichBruichladdich in the summer before re-opening

Port EllenPort Ellen Distillery , Warehousing and Maltings

Port CharlotteThe remains of the old Loch Indaal Distillery

Lagavulin DistilleryLagavulin Distillery

Me at LagavulinMe at Lagavulin , still got that top…….

So onto 2001 , first visit to the re-opened Laddie , first visit to Lagavulin and another visit to Ardbeg…….

Bruichladdich Distillery Lagavulin Distillery
Lagavulin Wash Backs Lagavulin Distillery
Ardbeg Stillhouse Ardbeg Spirit Receiver

The filling of my first valinch , the original way , by hand with a….eh….Valinch !

Filling a Laddie Valinch Filling a Laddie Valinch

My first go at Islay Wildlife Photography……

A Bird of Prey Bird of Prey

Haven’t a clue what it was , Buzzard ?


3 thoughts on “A Compendium of Old Islay Visit Photos that don’t fit in anywhere else…..

  1. Hey there,

    We’re creating a commercial for Maple Leaf Foods that revolves around their a whisky and apple bacon flavoured product. We’re creating a scene showing some whisky production and came across the photo of you using the valinch to sample the whisky out of a barrel. We were wondering if a) we could use that photo, and b) if you had a high resolution version of it.

    Please let me know.

    • Hi Brent ,
      Thanks for your interest but unfortunately i don’t have a hi-res version of it as it’s a very old photo and i’m also very reluctant to let people use my images after past events .

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