The Geordie Laddies 10yo Port Charlotte

Fresh Ex-Bourbon Barrel #857
Distilled 6th Dec 2001
Bottled 24th Feb 2012
Outturn 243 Bottles
ABV 64.4%

The Finished Article

When i first started being obsessed with Malt Whisky from Islay it was always a dream to have my own bottling of a 10yo Islay Single Malt . In 2001 it took a step closer with the reopening of Bruichladdich Distillery and their offers of Casks for sale . The first one was the Bloodtub but that was never likely to reach 10yo due to the small size of the cask and the speeded up maturation rate . Then in the late summer of 2001 at a barbeque at Stuarts house i mentioned about the Bloodtub purchase and in a drunken haze we decided to purchase a barrel . So gathering a few friends together we set about getting our own cask . In early December it was finally filled . On the first of many visits to collect samples with the warehouseman John Rennie , it was pointed out we had a Fresh and not Refill Bourbon cask . John has been very good with his predictions , he said the Bloodtub would be ready early , 3 – 5 years , this one would be perfect at 10 , so we just need to see if he’s right about the SOI cask with his “Teenager” prophesy ! So Ten Years on we have our own 10yo Islay…….

From a First Fill ex-bourbon barrel bottled at 64.4% , A rich Gold colour, the initial nose at full strength is very smoky and spicy , then a sweet peatiness with seashore and peat bog inter-mingling . The palate at full strength is very sweet and strong, loads of vanilla and wood spices with the peatiness attacking from the rear, the finish is long spicy with a sweet peatiness. The addition of water brings out fudge on the nose and lemon citric, fudge and a slight creaminess to the palate.
Perfectly drinkable at full strength , doesn’t over power the senses . It has it’s own individual personality in the Islay peated stakes but with water it does remind me of a certain South Sider that happens to be my favourite .

Am i happy with it ? Of course i f*$£ing Am !!!!
How does it compare to My First PC ? it’s just as good , if not better , i love my Islays , 10yo , at Caskstrength , from fresh Bourbon Barrels !!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Geordie Laddies 10yo Port Charlotte

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Makes my mouth water just looking at it.I hope you have many happy hours with it. Slainte.

  2. Great story and site. It may inspire a few others to own their very own Islay Malt. I am already dreaming about what I would call mine! Very best wishes. Brian Turner – Islayfisher

    • Cheers Brian , ever since we “found” Islay it was always my own dream to have my own 10yo Islay and now i’ve got it ! Next step is a teenage dram and that’s well on the way with a 2002 cask that is 10 years old in October , only another 3 years after that !

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