Not 50…..18 with 32 years Experience……

Wednesday 4th April 

So it’s midway through our holiday and it’s a lovely Sunny but slightly chilly day , It’s also Melanies Birthday , her half century . So after the excitement of opening her cards and pressies we headed off down to Ardbeg for a bite to eat . We went for the Ardbeg Crab Chowder (again!) and the Aromatic Chicken fried rice , As usual the Chowder was wonderful and the Fried Rice was absolutely beautiful , a taste sensation in the mouth !

When i asked Melanie what she wanted to do for her birthday there was only one answer from her “I want to spend a night in An Taigh Osda !” , ever since our first visit to the place for a meal she has loved the place , since then we’ve been back for umpteen meals and a stay . It is a pretty unique hotel on Islay , Paul and Joan pay great attention to the smallest of details and their food is the best on the Isle ( in our humble opinion ) .

Mel in the Room

Mel settles into the room

We checked in at 4.30pm and placed our order for the evening meal , there seemed to have been some guessing going on as to what we’d have and Paul seemed to be winning…….

View from the Room

Room with a view

We retired to our room to get ready and also admire the view from the bay window , you couldn’t really ask for a better view across Loch Indaal , Room 4 offers great panoramic views from the top floor . We also watched the going ons outside with the Police using their Speed Gun , first time we’d seen a speed trap on Islay after 14 years of visits !

Mel Chilling out

So we headed down for Melanies birthday meal , we both started with the Locally caught langoustines in Garlic , lemon and tomato – one of them starters where you’ve just got to dive in to get the best out of it . Mel went for the Grilled Sea Bass  with a pistachio and Parmesan Risotto , with sweet potato crisps and parsnip puree for her main meal – she found the combination of flavours and textures and the Risotto was to die for ! I went for the Roast rack of Scottish lamb on a bed of minted pea mash potato with roasted parsnips and carrots , the lamb was perfect , so succulent and juicy . We finished off with the Scottish cheeses with biscuits & chutney . A perfect meal ! We retired to the Lounge and Mel enjoyed the rest of her bottle of wine and i enjoyed a few drams . Later on we had a wee natter to Paul and Joan and then headed off to bed .

The Room

A HUGE Thank You to Paul and Joan for making Mels Birthday so special ! It’s hard to put down in words just how good the food was , no amount of words will do it justice and the An Taigh Osda is indeed a special place on Islay !


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