Three Samples…….

These days samples coming through my letter box are rarer than Hens Teeth , luckily Rob from BBR keeps sending me Berrys Islay bottlings , so here are the latest 3……..

Berrys Own Selection Bowmore

2003 Bottled 2012
Cask 20059

Very pale in colour , almost Chardonnay wine , very oily in the Glass , the nose is quite young , possibly from a not very active cask , sweet and florally at first , then a hint of peat and parma violet sweets . On the palate it is very sweet and has the familiar Bowmore taste (which is not to my taste these days ) . The finish is very short and sweet . I’ve had worse Bowmores but this one seems as though it is missing something , it doesn’t seem very active to me . Water flattens the nose and brings the peat out on the palate .

John Milroys Selection Bruichladdich

1992 Bottled 2012
Cask 3791

Pale Gold in colour and again quite oily in the glass , the nose is immediately a Laddie , very fruity (Green apples and pears) , honey , a touch of lemon and fudge , infact quite lemony , a joy to sniff !
The palate fair bursts with fruit , the already mentioned Apples and pears , melon , passion fruit , at the end a hint of maltiness , again a joy to pass over the palate !
The finish is long and what can only be described as a fruit cocktail , delicious !
One of the nicest Laddies i’ve tried in a little while , un-aced and showing off how good this distilleries outturn can be in its natural state . Well Recommended !

Berrys Own Selection Caol Ila

1982 Bottled 2012
Cask 6510

A lovely Gold colour with lovely legs in the glass , the nose…… oh yes it’s a Caol Ila , wonderfully medicinal and peat smoky , a touch of lemon and old libraries . The palate is smooth and silky with buckets of peat , medicinalness and smoke . Absolutely fantastic , it never stops giving and the finish is long , peaty , medicinal and fruity (yes fruity ) . This is a classic Caol Ila , thoroughly enjoyable with everything you expect from this distillery ! Won’t disappoint !!

Thanks very much Rob you are a star !


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