Ardbeg Day Ardbeg

I’m slightly confused by this Whisky , is it this years Feis Ile bottling ? Is it a committee Release ? ( it says so on the back ) or is it a standard release ? Huge number of bottles , 12000 i heard   , it was available outside the distillery on or before the Distillery Feis Ile day . Or could it be a hybrid of some or all of the above ?

Anyway i bought a couple of bottles off the Ardbeg site so no free sample bias here !

Ardbeg Day Ardbeg

It weighs in just below 100 percent proof , 56.7% , no age statement , i heard it was 10yo but no real proof here as i haven’t seen a press release . The spirit has a lovely golden hue   and is very oily in the glass . The nose is quite strong , quite nasal hair tingling , doesn’t smell too young so could be around the 10yo mark . Very complex nose , The usual Ardbeg traits Coffee , chocolate , pine nuts , citrus , sweet peat , smoke , quite a lot of sweetness and vanilla (fresh Bourbon Barrels ?) , there’s also a sweet fruitiness , almost winey , could we have some elusive sauterne casks in here ? Once past the youthfulness it does have an amazing nose…….

So onto the palate , can it live up to the nose ? Mmmmm silky smooth , sweet , peaty , lovely chocolate , creamy coffee , that fruitiness….. again…… no sign of any youthfulness just a palate that keeps on giving and giving Ardbeg style , the finish is long , really sweet , peaty and chocolatey . Wow !

A pretty damn good dram ! Well worth the money !    


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