Islay Whisky Classics No.1- 1972 Ardbeg Old and Rare

A new section for the blog , Islay Whisky Classics , tasting notes of past Islay Whisky bottlings i’ve had the pleasure of owning and tasting or have been lucky enough to get a try of . These will be a mixture of old notes from the now gone Spirit of Islay site and new notes from bottles / samples i still have of these whiskies or even a mixture of both ! These are not in order of preference just in the order i tasted them…….

Douglas Laing Old and Rare 1972 Ardbeg

First up is a Douglas Laing Old and Rare Platinum Selection 1972 Ardbeg bottled in 2002 . Bottle number164 of 235 , this was bottled at 50.4% abv  . The Colour of Barley Sugar in the glass (an Ardbeg Tasting glass naturally….) , the nose is classic , aged 1970’s Ardbeg , a seaweedy seashore walk , tarry with a slight bonfire smokiness . It is silky smooth across the palate , bursting with phenols , it has a hint of chocolate and coffee with a fudgy sweetness .  It is a fascinating and complex palate that leads to a long and lingering finish that includes  a smoky sweetness and bags of  Ardbeg-dine .

A superb example of 1970’s Ardbeg that if i had to score would either be in the late Eighties or early Nineties . Definitely one for sitting on Ardbeg Pier on a sunny day watching the world go by…….


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