Islay Whisky Classics No.10 – Ardbeg Provenance 54.7%

This Provenance was released in the US of A and was bottled slightly later than the previous one on the 9th April 1998 at 54.7% . So how did i manage to get a bottle of it ? Some bottles were returned to the distillery from the US and i happened to be lucky enough to pick one up !

Ardbeg Provenance

Once again it’s a beautiful bright gold going on bronze , Fantastic nose , seems more iodiney , still has the chocolate , coffee , citrus and bourbony oakiness . Stunning , could smell it all night , on to the palate again it relaxed at first then builds up in intensity . Chocolate , Coffee , seashore , lemon , oak , it just keeps giving . the finish is long and iodiney with pepper , very satisfying !  

This one is slightly different from the younger 55.6% one , is it better ? no , just the same extremely good Ardbeg !


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