Islay Whisky Classics No.8 – Signatory Ardbeg 1967 Cask 1140

Sister cask to Cask 1138 , this one was distilled on the same day ( 22nd March 1967 ) but bottled slightly later on the 15th December 1997 .

Signatory Ardbeg 1967

Cask 1140 produced 536 bottles from this oloroso butt at an abv of 49.8% , from bottle 499 , this cask produced a slightly darker shade of Mahogany than 1138 . the nose isn’t as strong and is liquid Christmas cake (dry sherry , dried fruits , spices , glace cherries , orange citric , cinnamon,cake dough) , there’s also a waft of smoke inter-mingling with all this . These are an absolute delight just to sit and sniff but moving on……

The palate is a bit more relaxed than the 1138 , dry oloroso , smoke , orange essence , spices , cinnamon , dark chocolate  and my old favourite – Cola cube sweets . The finish is very dry and long with spices (cloves) .  

Another Classic 1967 sherried Ardbeg , which of the 2 do i prefer ? the 1140 is probably more relaxed and balanced of them but i like the umph factor of the 1138 ! 


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