Islay Whisky Classics No.9 – Ardbeg Provenance 55.6%

Back in early 2002 i was left a small inheritance when my Dad passed on , after much discussion between myself and Mel about what to do with the money she suggested i bought something whisky wise that i couldn’t normally afford and when i drank it i could toast his memory . So after much thought i bought 2 bottles of the Ardbeg Provenance release that was available in the UK .

Ardbeg Provenance

I’d heard much about this bottling and finally got to taste a dram of it at the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh , even though it cost me £20 , i thought it lived up to it’s reputation . There have been 3 different Provenance releases worldwide , this one was bottled on the 18th November 1997 and at 55.6% abv , it is a classic 1974 Ardbeg .

Bright gold going on bronze in colour , the nose is very laid back Ardbeg , the citrus , creamy coffee and milky chocolate is there with a nice oakiness , bourbon vanilla and a waft of smoke . The palate is soft and silky at first then a huge smokiness , then as it’s power intensifies we get chocolate , coffee and a huge kick of bourbon right at the back .The finish is long and extremely satisfying with pepper , smoke and a nice oakiness .

Seeing this was bottled to commemorate Glenmorangie re-opening Ardbeg Distillery it seemed very fitting that i’d chose it to remember my old man . An excellent dram , To me Dad !


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