Islay Whisky Classics No.13 – Laphroaig 18yo

I was a bit wary of this one because i wasn’t a huge fan of the old 15yo which this one replaced , i actually got to try it when a former Laphroaig employee bought me one as a Birthday dram in September 2011 . When i got my FOL Birthday discount i bought a bottle with it……

Laphroaig 18yo

Bright gold in colour and bottled at 48% abv (to whom it may concern , can we have the 10yo at 48% as well please ?) , as with all Laphroaigs there’s a lovely oiliness in the glass ,   there’s more of an earthiness to this on the nose . relaxed peat , a farm yard with nettles (where the hell do i keep getting nettles from in Laphroaigs ?) and right at the end a whiff of iodine . The palate is wonderful , peat , iodine , heavily medicinal ,  the taste of the air after a storm on an Islay shoreline , a tremendous mouthfeel , boy is this good ! The finish is long , medicinal and fudgy sweet .

I think this is possibly my favourite Laphroaig , has everything you expect of Laphroaig , keeps giving after it’s gone and is so bloody satisfying !


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