Islay Whisky Classics No.19 – Lagavulin Jazz Festival Release

For a few years now on Islay over a weekend in September , the Isle has been hosting a Jazz Festival , originally sponsored by Black Bottle , Lagavulin took over the reins a couple of years ago . We were on the Isle while the 2011 Jazz Festival was going on and managed to pick up one of the special bottlings . Iain McArthur selected a 1993 Bodega Sherry cask (No.355 , distilled 08/02/93 ) for the occasion  .

Lagavulin Jazz Festival

The colour of Autumn russet leaves , the initial nose is of dying embers in a fire , then peated sherry and finally peat smoke , it is a totally different nose to anything i’ve tried that Lagavulin have bottled . The palate is quite sweet at first , then the Lagavulin smoke emerges  . The sherry and the spirit are very well balanced , neither over-powering , it does actually remind me more of it’s easterly next door neighbour than a Lagavulin . The finish is medium , sweet and smoky . A very nice and unusual Laga – i can’t remember ever having a straight sherry matured Laga…..  apart from in Iains warehouse tasting  !


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