Islay Whisky Classics No.20 – Bunnahabhain 12yo (40%)

This was the Standard  Bunnahabhain bottling for many a year , 12yo , 40% and Chill Filtered . The Bottle and Carton had many a face lift and this was the last one before they changed the whisky completely .

Bunnahabhain 12yo 40%

Burnished Gold in colour , Bunnahabhain has always been very oily in the glass , The nose has all the characteristics of a sherried malt at first , dried fruit , candied peel , cake dough but it also has a strong maritime smell ( Sea air , seaweed) as well as fudge and the  smells i always associate with this distillery – Confectioners Sugar , Edinburgh Rock . The palate is light (it is the gentle taste of Islay….) , malty , sherry , dried fruit  and Edinburgh Rock . The Finish is lingering and very satisfying with a malty sweetness .

Not everyones favourite Islay but i love it , i love the whisky and love the place . A wonderful  summer dram and one that will always hold a special place in my heart !


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