Islay Whisky Classics No.22 – Lagavulin 12yo Limited Edition

Lagavulin , in the good ol’ days was always released as a 12yo before the classic malts came along , now the only way to get it this way is through the annual limited edition releases . This one was released in 2003 .

Lagavulin 12yo Limited Edition

At an abv of 57.8% , The colour of ripening Barley , it smells quite young initially  , very peaty , not a lot of the ‘older’ Lagavulin smoke , has a very familiar nose of one of it’s neighbours , creamy coffee , pine nuts and lemon . The Palate is Slightly creamy but fully loaded with peat , a touch of sweetness later on and a sprinkling of pepperiness . The finish is long peaty and peppery .

Not quite as elegant as the 16yo more of a peat monster , i actually prefer this to the 16yo , more bite and more interesting . Actually more akin to it’s neighbours in this guise  , worth a punt if you are a peat monster loving dramster !


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