Islay Whisky Classics No.29 – Ardbeg 10yo (Allied Guaranteed….)

Through the years i’ve had a fair few bottles of Ardbeg through my hands , how i’m now able to write up tasting notes is that as i’ve had the bottles i’ve kept a 10cl sample from them “for the future” , now’s the future so why not ? First time i tried this was sometime between 11pm and 3am in the Lochside when Alistair had it…… Why so vague ? Well if you stayed in the Lochside when Alistair had it you’d know why…… I loved it so much i managed eventually to track one down just before the price went REALLY north ! Bottled in 1993 by the then owners of Ardbeg , Allied , it’s actually probably closer to 13yo (look up Ardbeg History then do the maths….) , so definitely Guaranteed 10 years old !

Ardbeg Guaranteed 10yo

Bottled at 40% Abv , it’s a bright gold in colour , The nose is loaded with iodine (Ardbegdine !) and smoke , eventually the Ardbeg traits of Coffee , chocolate and citrus emerge , the nose is more akin to the 75’s and 78’s than the later 10’s , if this had been done at a higher abv it would have been a Killer ! The palate is extremely dry , lots of peat , smoke , iodine , a hint of creamy coffee , very silky across the mouth with an incredible long , iodiney dry finish . Absolutely wonderful !

This brings back so many memories of the time spent in the Lochside in them Balmy summer nights sometimes watching the sunrise over Loch Indaal . A fantastic Ardbeg that at the time cost me a small fortune but was worth every penny !


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