Islay Whisky Classics No.30 – Douglas Laing OMC 1972 Ardbeg

Back at the turn of the century (doesn’t that sound like a long time ago ?) , i happened to stumble upon an independent bottler who was bottling 1970’s Ardbeg and selling for about £70 a bottle (which was a bit of money then….) . The Old Malt Cask range became very popular……..

OMC Bottling Example

One of 222 bottles , this was distilled in February 1972 and bottled in April 2000 , this 28yo Ardbeg came in at 49.5% abv . A shimmering gold colour in the glass you immediately get the 1970’s Ardbeg characteristics on the nose , the malt was heavily peated at this time so it is the full on Ardbeg-dine , bags of smoke waft out of the glass and creamy coffee , THE Classic Ardbeg 1970’s nose , one you could smell for hours……  The palate just carries on the good work of the nose , silky smooth and all things Ardbeg . Luxurious Ardbeg at it’s best , The finish is so long and Ardbeg-diney , also very chewy , as our american friends would say….. Awesome ! 

Wow !!!! i’d forgot how good this stuff was , i think this one should have been in the Platinum range !


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