Islay Whisky Classics No.32 – ‘Ardbeggedon’ ( OMC 1972 Ardbeg)

Bottled in November 2001 for the “Plowed” mob from America (Think Steve Martin on Malt Whisky……) .

The OMC bottlings

OMC Bottling Example

This one was Distilled in October 1972 and 227 bottles were filled at 48.4% . Pretty much the Standard aged Ardbeg colour of polished gold , pretty much the same Ardbeg nose as the previous 1972 , Ardbeg-dine , smoke , very seashore ( sea air / seaweed ) , Coffee , chocolate and oak spices . Lots of peat on the palate , a very subtle mouth feel , dry and iodiney with a fantastically long finish that has a slight pepperyness to it . 

Another superb 70’s Beg that is worthy to bear the Plowed name , definitely their best bottling !


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