Islay Whisky Classics No.37 – Douglas Laing OMC 1974 Ardbeg

Another Old Malt Cask  Ardbeg , this one from 1974 . At 28yo this one produced 264 bottles at 50% abv ……

The OMC bottlings

OMC Bottling Example

Distilled in August 1974 and bottled in February 2003 , this one again is polished gold in the glass . The nose is indisputably an Ardbeg , takes a while to open up compared to the O.b.’s but when it does it pushes all the right buttons ( iodine , peat , smoke ,coffee , chocolate ) but with more oak than other 74’s . The palate is more active but seems to have more oak in it as well , good oak not bad – woody – oak . The finish is more iodiney than other 74’s but just as long with a lot more fruitiness .

Altogether a seemingly more relaxed Beg but just as enjoyable , Douglas Laing threw out some cracking Ardbegs in the early 00’s , glad i was there to appreciate them .


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