Islay Whisky Classics No.39 – Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2398

The Second Legendary Ardbeg Cask from series 239x released for a Feis Ile appeared in 2004 , This one was an elderly 27yo . Distilled on the 27th November 1976 and bottled on the 5th May 2004 at 51.4% abv . We first tried this cask at the 2003 Candlelit Dinner in The Old Kiln during the Feis Ile then had another try of it later that summer so we were anticipating it’s release with some relish .

Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2398

504 bottles of this cask were available , we luckily got 2 , a dark amber in colour , now i would describe this nose as meaty but not as some use to hide the sulphur smell sherry casks ‘sometimes’ have . This doesn’t have any sulphur full stop but is meaty as in the heavy sense , takes a little while to open up , when it does it’s a very thick , dry oloroso sherry , dried fruits ( currants , sultanas) , a wisp of peat smoke , dark chocolate and spices . Very big dry sherry on the palate , pepper , cloves , spices , chocolate cherry liqueur sweets , chewy peat and dark chocolate . The finish isn’t as long as the other 239x’s i’ve had but is still very good , dry sherry , chewy peat and cherry liqueur .

Another stunning Ardbeg that just confirms why i love this distillery so much ! Top notch !!!


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