Islay Whisky Classics No.42 – Bruichladdich Valinch “Purest”

The 16th Valinch , This one was bottled to commemorate Bruichladdich being declared  the “Purest” Whisky in Scotland . it was filled straight from the cask at the 2005 Feis Ile .

Distilled on the 16th February 1990 and bottled  29th May 2005 from a Refill Bourbon Cask No.710 at 55.5% abv , one of 350 bottles , this is just how i like my Laddies , mid teens and from a Bourbon Cask ! The colour of Golden Syrup in the glass , the nose is typical teen Laddie , Very fresh and sweet , honeyed , green fruits – apples pairs , melon , gooseberries – , vanilla and a touch of lime as well . The palate is just as delightful , a very intense Laddie , the previously mentioned green fruits , vanilla and creamie fudge . Beautiful ! The finish is extremely Long , creamy and butterscotch with a slight bourbon cask spiciness .

Laddie at it’s best ! A superb selection for a Festival valinch , wonderful !


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