Islay Whisky Classics No.43 – Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2390

Nearly 2 years on from the Committee release of 2392 and 2394 Ardbeg released sister cask 2390 for the 2002 Feis Ile . Priced at a bargain £70 494 bottles were available in a striking Black livery .   

(Sorry no Picture but the packaging is the same as the 1974 Cask 3475)

Distilled on the 24th November  1976 and bottled on the 27th April 2002 at the abv of 53.1% , A beautiful light Mahogany colour in the glass , The initial nose is like an old library filled with leather bound books , it still carries quite a whack on the ol’ nasal hairs , the sherry is very dry , it doesn’t hide the fact that it’s from a stunning sherry cask ,  cocoa and faint peat smoke push their way through eventually . It’s upon hitting the palate that all the regular 70’s Ardbeg tastes burst out , Chocolate , Iodine (ardbeg-dine ) , spices , Peat smoke along with a well balanced sherry note . Superb ! The finish is long , chocolatey with glace cherries , a joy to behold .

This has probably one of the best Ardbeg palates , just a shame the nose isn’t on the same level as this would have been a stella dram ! 


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