Islay Whisky Classics No.50 – Port Charlotte Private Cask R23

Yes i’ve included my own Port Charlotte Bottling in this list , why ? Because it was my first Cask , because it’s the best Port Charlotte i’ve tasted (so far….) and Jim Murray really liked it ! 96/100 in the Whisky Bible !!! From a Bloodtub , a 32 litre cask , it was bottled at 4 and half years old and at 61.4% abv . It produced 39 bottles . The label comes courtesy of that well known Scottish Artist and good friend of ours , Ian Gray . You can read the story of this cask at the Bottling Casks Page on this Blog .

3 Bottles

Mel described this colour as Topaz , a Goldish brown , i said polished Mahogany , whichever it is , it looks good ! On the nose the maltiness strikes you first , a strong dryness (the sherry) , a lingering peatiness almost earthy , there’s also a slight dark fruitiness to it . Very complex for such a young Malt . On the palate it is again  very dry and very malty , the peat eventually comes flooding in , a peaty smokiness covers the palate after a while…… The finish is long and dry , peaty , bitter dark chocolate , it does goes on and on and on…….

This Malt is 4 and a half going on twenty , it is incredibly complex for it’s age , definitely not a session malt more of a special occasion one ! My first bairn , so my favourite and one i’m so glad i bought this cask in 2001 ! 


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