Islay Whisky Classics No.54 – Bruichladdich 1998 Sherry Edition “Manzanilla”

Way back when , before the re-opening in 2001 , the previous owners used to fire the stills up from time to time during it’s mothballed period to do a run . If i remember this was produced from the last of one such run . It matured in Manzanilla (a dry light sherry) casks for 10 years and was bottled at 46% abv producing a limited edition of 6000 bottles .

Bruichladdich 1998 Sherry Edition 'Manzanilla'

It is a light Amber in colour  and very oily in the glass ! The initial nose is of battenburg cakes ( coloured blocks of cakes , checked pattern of yellow and pink  held together by jam and wrapped with  marzipan ) , then a honeyed sweetness and dry sherry . Somehow the Laddie spirit characteristics of green fruits seems to fight it’s way through the sherry . The palate has a very dry Sweetness to it , i think that is the sherry  , bags of apples and fudge . The finish is quite long , again with that dry sherried sweetness to it and honey .

This is really the first fully matured Manzanilla whisky i’d ever had , i’ve had quite a few Manzanilla finishes but this really works well . This and the Oloroso are so much better than the later Sherry finished Laddies , i don’t think these were popular but i really liked them   


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