Islay Whisky Classics No.59 – Bruichladdich 1970

This is the near legendary First Edition of the Laddie Vintage range .  Vatted from 100% fresh American Oak this release went down a storm , I remember having this at the 2003 Jim McEwan Masterclass , i was sat next to the former Laddie stillman  Ruaridh McLeod (then aged 79) and at the end he turned to me and gave me his 1970 Dram and said ” here son have this , I made it me self !” Priceless ! What a character , sadly missed ! This was bottled at 44.2% in September 2002 .


Bruichladdich 1970

A beautiful bright honeyed gold in colour , The nose is incredibly complex , starts off with the trademark Laddie toffee sweetness , then very fruity (apples, pears ,melon ) along with orange essence and bananas . There also a slight oakiness to it , good oak not woody , The palate continues where the wonderful nose left off  , silky smooth across the mouth , again creamy toffee mingles with the green fruit and oak spiciness to give tastes that just go on and on and on…… The finish is very long , sweet and continues in the vein of the nose and palate .


An incredible dram , probably one of my favourite Laddies , so well balanced and thoroughly enjoyable . It is just as i remembered the first time i tried it , wonderful. Not half glad i bought a few of these……   


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