Summer 2012 Trip

So once again it’s that time of the year for our annual summer trip for a fortnight on our favourite little Isle……. 

Saturday 11th August

A pretty uneventful trip up , we left a little earlier than normal to try and avoid the start of the major roadworks on Rest and be Thankful over the weekend to clear the last landslide , we managed that , there was quite a bit of rubble lying by the side of the road when we went passed . We did our usual stops of breakfast at Balloch and coffee break at Tarbert and managed to get to Kennacraig a wee bit early .

(click on photos to see full size)

Finlaggan Approaching Kennacraig

The Journey over was pretty straight forward , even though the ferry was pretty full it never seemed busy , the weather all day hadn’t been too bad but never quite lived up to the forecast . Even when we got to the Isle we really never got bright sunshine . After making our way to Maol Bhuide , Mel sorted our gear out (she’s better than me at unpacking !) i got out the way by walking down to the shoreline to play with my newest acquisition , a 400mm lens , while up on the hillock beside the cottage i spotted something further along the shore in the sea….. An Otter ! Unfortunately it never came in my direction but i did try the lens out , as you can see from the first photo it was a fair bit away !

The Full View

These are a few of the VERY cropped ones

Otter 7


Otter 6


Otter 1



I did go around to Seal Bay to see if i could catch it at that end but to no avail !

After a wonderful tea cooked by Mel i did return down to the shore line but the only thing spotted was the ferry sailing to Port Ellen .

Finlaggan heading to Port Ellen

 The other surprise we got today , apart from the otter , was the empty Kildalton bottle still on the shelf where we left it last September .

Surprise !

I settled down for the night with the Laddie 1970………

Sunday 12th August

After a restless nights sleep (never sleep well in a strange bed on the first night….) i decided to get up and go for a walk , it’s surprisingly quiet at 7.15am on a Sunday in the Parish of Kildalton ! I went for a walk back along to Seal bay but all i could see was seals and Cormorants

Seal in Seal Bay


Cormorant in Seal Bay

After an hour i returned to bed for a bit of a snooze….. awakening again we had a light breakfast then walked along to Ardbeg for lunch to be warmly greeted by Jackie . We booth went for the Seafood chowder , incredibly  yummy , and a Baked Tattie , mine with Haggis , Mels with Prawn Marie Rose . we then went along to Port Ellen to pick up some more supplies before returning to the cottage and an evening of hitting the whisky stash i bought along……

The Whisky Selection

The weather never really brightened up today , it looked promising early on then it decided to rain on and off for a while , nothing major just light showers , we’re hopping it’s going to clear up later for the promised meteor shower……   


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