Summer 2012 Trip – continued – Friday 17th August

So to the the final day of our first week and it was raining when we woke up . We decided to carry on with the take it easy regime and did bugger all till we drove down to Port Ellen to get a Nippy Chippy . By the time we left for our fish supper the weather had totally changed , no wind , no rain , just a beautiful summers evening . For those that have never experienced it , the Nippy Chippy is a mobile fish and chip van and those that have experienced it will know that the Fish and Chips are pretty damn good !

See it was such a beautiful evening we went for a walk down to Seal Bay , apart from getting eaten alive by our small flying friends , we spotted a couple of deers at the other end of the bay .

(Click on photos to see full size image)

Deer 1 Deer 2

Deer 3

After returning to the cottage , i decided to head off down the road to Ardbeg Distillery to take advantage of the late evening sunshine , it was well worth the walk down there , there were stunning views over to the Antrim Coast , probably the clearest i’ve seen .

Antrim Coast Ardbeg 1
Ardbeg 2 Ardbeg 3
Scenery Scenery 2

So onto our second week…….

Saturday 18th August


What a glorious day ! After a trip down to Port Ellen for some supplies we spent the afternoon sunbathing in and around the cottage garden with a dram or two of Laddie 1970 for me and some wine for Mel……

Mel in the garden

Later on in the afternoon there was some noise from the bay , there was some activity from the Ardbeg Pier with some boats , it looked like a practice for a rowing competition , there were 2 different boats with 3 crews…..

Boat 1 Boat 2
Boat 3 Boat 4

So in the Evening it was a night out for our annual summer meal with Ella (it’s usually Mary as well but due to her “Summer Break” she couldn’t make it) . Tonights venue was the Islay Hotel , it was chosen with some trepidation as the place hasn’t been receiving very good reviews lately and it didn’t help the night before seeing the Hotels owner standing in the queue for the Nippy Chippy…..

It’s always great to have a night out with Ella and it’s always the highlight of our summer trip , so after a drink in the bar and a natter , it was off to the restaurant for our meal . Ella and myself went for the same starter , Islay Scallops on garlic potatoes and pea puree , Mel went for Duck confit with rocket and orange vinaigrette . All absolutely wonderful . could have ate the scallops over again ! For the main course Ella went for the Lamb Chop with Mediterranean vegetables , Mel went for Monk Fish with lemon rice , sugar snap peas and a shrimp sauce , i went for Wild Seatrout with new potatoes , crunchy vegetables and a lemon and tarragon sauce . Again all wonderful , beautiful flavours , we all went for the same dessert , Eton Mess with local strawberries . It was all rounded off with a cup of coffee before we made our way home . The food was similar to our first visit to the Islay in February (excellent) and definitely better than the Easter trip (not the best….) and as usual the company was a exceptional , always a joy to catch up with Ella !

Sunday 19th August

Not as good as weather as yesterday but not raining ! So todays agenda was go to Ardbeg for lunch then walk down to Port Ellen to pick the car up after last night . Lunch at Ardbeg was fantastic as usual , we both started with the Islay Crab Chowder and had the Macaroni cheese as main , Anyone remember the Cheesy Chessy Macaroni that was on the Old Kiln menu of yester year ? It was that good !

I just wish i could get as good of shots of the local Buzzards as i can of the gulls……

gull 1 gull 2

On the way down to Port Ellen we saw several Buzzards , couldn’t get too close but these were the best of the cropped ones…..

Buzz 1 Buzz 2
Buzz 3 Buzz 4

Buzz 5

On the way back to the cottage we called in at Lagavulin to book the Tuesday warehouse tour , then spent the rest of the night having a quiet dram or two……


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