An Internet Archive

It’s amazing what you get up to on the internet when you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands ! I was having a look around when i came across an Internet Archive “WayBackMachine”  , out of Curiosity i put my two old sites in ( Spirit-of-Islay.Co.Uk and ) and low and behold they came up ! The earlier doesn’t render too well but the later versions of the  .net looks like it was only put up yesterday !

So after going to WayBackMachine , simply type in and click browse history . If you’ve never seen the site before I recommend clicking 2011 and then Feb 26th , this seems to be the last full archive of the site before i shut it down and moved to here , there does seem to be a bit or two missing . Most of Stuarts Chat to start with 

Seeing the site in it’s full glory again does make me miss it , i’m pretty damn proud of the look of it and the content . I Hope anyone that hasn’t seen it before enjoys looking at it !