Islay Visit Part XXXVII The Second Instalment !

Sunday 20th July (Continued)

After a bit natter to Jackie about life on the Isle (including the new community run Petrol Station at Port Ellen ) we headed back to Lyrabus to spend the night sitting in the porch enjoying the evening summer sunshine with a glass or two of Canadian wine…….

Norman Hardie 2011 Chardonnay Unfiltered


Nose – Very fruity on the nose , green fruits – apples , pears and gooseberries ,
Palate – thick on the palate , again green fruits with a touch of oak
Comment – Class in a glass ! a lovely white wine that goes down exceedingly well .

(Click on the photos for full size)

Neighbourly get together

Neighbourly get together

across the Loch…..

Monday 21st July

Woke up to a bit of a misty morning weather wise but that wasn’t to last long , it turned out to be a bit of a scorcher ! So hot even the coos decided to go down to the beach !


The morning was spent getting in a few more supplies and catching up with people , first stop was The Islay House Square where we bumped into Mark Unsworth on our way to Islay Ales . It’s good to hear he’s having a good year doing lots of good photographic business . Then it was on to Islay Ales find Paul , Steve and the gang hard at work (yes even Steve…. LOL!) , a few bottles were picked up along with a couple of new glasses . Then it was off to Bowmore to pick up a few bits and pieces before returning to the cottage via the Bridgend Hotel (for a Coffee and Scone break ) .

In the Afternoon we decided to have a short walk along the road in the direction of Gruinart , it was absolutely beautiful , weather and scenery wise , we’re now looking a bit Ian Gray Lobsterish now !

Gruinart in the Distance

Gruinart in the Distance

Melanie on the bridge

Melanie on the bridge



The road to Nowhere....

The road to Nowhere….

Our cottage from the road

Our cottage from the road

In the beautiful Sunshine I also took another panoramic shot from the cottage , the heat also drove me to try a bottle or two of the Islay Ales (the Single Malt and Saligo )……



After a bite to eat it was down to the business of sitting in the sun porch while enjoying a glass or two of Canadian Wine while watching the world and the two ponies wander by…….

Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve 2011 Chardonnay

Nose – A lot of Grapefruit / Citric on the nose. Quite fresh and sweet.
Palate – Lots of green fruits ( apples , pears , gooseberries ) , thick across the palate but silky smooth .
Comment – Another delicious wine from Niagara that goes down rather well .


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