Cadenhead’s Potter 24yo Indian Corn Whisky

Indian Corn Whisky i hear you say ? Yes Indian Corn (or Slate Corn as it is known in some quarters , see ) , Distilled by Potter Distilling Company in Kelowna , British Columbia , Canada but since 2005 Potter has been owned by Highwood Distillers . Cadenheads have done a few Potters bottlings over the years (i recently acquired an 11yo bottled in 2000) , i’m interested to see how this lines up against recently tasted Canadian Whisky…….


Bottled in February 2014 from a Bourbon Barrel , this cask yielded 126 bottles at 56.5% ABV . Getting onto Orange Marmalade in Colour , the nose is incredibly fresh , bags of vanilla to start with then wood spices , very buttery and digestive biscuits . The palate is really sweet , loads of grain , butter , again wood spices and vanilla . The finish is long , sweet and spicy .

What can you say about this ? It is very similar to a Scottish Grain Whisky but tastes so much fresher and sweeter , I’m still not up to speed on the Canadian processes but is this what they class as the base for their whiskies (blends) , the neutral spirit ?  if so it’s a pretty good dram on it’s own ! 

Zuidam 5yo Dutch Rye

As of late i’ve taken a shine to Rye Whisky , Particularly 100% Canadian Rye , so at The Tynemouth Whisky Show when i was given the chance to try a Dutch Rye  i jumped at it . I really enjoyed it so when i spotted a bottle for sale i went for it…….


Distilled in January 2005 and bottled in September 2010 this is bottle 232 from Casks 684 and 685 , it was bottled at 40% ABV . Almost Burnished Copper in colour , the nose on this is wonderful , straight away you get the dusty rye , followed by toasted brown bread , vanilla and oak spices . Quite an amazing nose ! On the palate again the dusty rye is the first thing you notice , then the spices and the butterscotch sweetness , i love this taste ! The Finish is long , sweet and spicy .

This is an Amazing Rye , i’d put it alongside anything from North America , long may they continue to produce it and i have a Millstone 100 Rye Whisky to open when i’ve finished this !    

More info can be found at

The Wine Society 21yo Glen Grant

With the Popularity of Single Malts these days it’s very rare you find a decent aged bottle for under £50 , luckily The Wine Society seems pretty good at doing this , earlier in the year i purchased their 25yo Islay at a gobsmacking price of £33 a bottle . For Christmas this year they have released a 21yo Glen Grant for £49.50 . One thing i have learned over the 30 years of drinking Single Malts is that Glen Grant tends to age very well….. 


From 2 casks (130807 and 130808) distilled on the 22nd October 1992 they yielded 431 bottles at 53% ABV when bottled on 7th August 2014 ( it actually says 2013 on the label , i hope it’s a misprint or is the age expression wrong?  ). The colour of ripe barley , the nose is full of vanilla , green fruits , Malt and toffee , it actually reminds me more of a Bruichladdich , it is a very pleasant nose , one you could sniff for ages . The green fruits and toffee go through on to the palate along with lemon citrus . The finish is long with green fruits and lemon .

This is an excellent dram for the price , could be a very good session dram , another aged Glen Grant that doesn’t disappoint ! 


Details about The Wine Society can be found at 

Glen Marnoch 24yo

It has become something of a Christmas Tradition now for Supermarket chain Aldi to produce a Special Christmas Whisky bottling and this year is no different ! This year it is an unspecified Highland Single Malt under their Glen Marnoch Label .


Bottled at 40% ABV and costing the princely sum of £49 , Golden Syrup in colour , the first thing that strikes you on the nose is Butterscotch toffee , it’s very strong , there’s also a hint of vanilla pods , almost vanilla custard . The palate is very smooth , again toffee and vanilla , very sweet , for only 40% it is quite chewy . The finish is medium with the toffee and a long hint of lemon citrus right at the end .

This isn’t going to win any prizes in whisky competitions but for the way prices are going in the crazy world of Single Malts this is a bargain at under £50 , the Whisky Snobs will avoid it but if you want a pleasant enough dram at a reasonable outlay this could be for you . I’m thoroughly enjoying it (as i did last years 30yo Blend ) but i haven’t got a clue which distillery it is from !   

Two Berrys Own Bunnahabhains

At the recent Whisky Lounge Manchester Festival i was so wrapped up in serving Amrut i missed the chance to try two Berrys Own Bunnahabhains at their table ! Thankfully Rob (@BBRrob) Whitehead has kindly sent me a couple of samples to try .


Rob at the Manchester Festival 

1987 Cask #2451 49.8%

A lovely golden colour in the glass , on the nose a slight hint of sherry (a refill sherry cask? ) , The Bunnahabhain Sweetness – Edinburgh Rock/ Confectioners sugar , Cola Cube sweets , dried fruits , Marzipan and Christmas Cake dough . The palate definitely hints at a Sherry cask ! Carrying on the flavours from the nose it adds a strong spiciness and a luxurious mouthfeel , the finish is long with spices , the Bunnahabhain sweetness and a hint of sherry .

Another cracking Bunnahabhain , not overly sherried just nicely balanced , i prefer my sherried whiskies this way from a refill rather than the fresh sherry bomb . Does not disappoint !

1989 Cask #5716 42.9%

This one is more of a ripe straw in colour , it does take a little while to open up , straight away on the nose you can tell it’s ex-bourbon , more of the spirit notes , the Bunnahabhain Sweetness (see above) , a touch of malt , digestive biscuits and lemon . The palate is very smooth , very malty , with a strong lemon citrus .The finish is long and loaded with sweetness  and the lemon again .

This one shows off the raw Bunnabhainess , i suspect it’s from a slightly inactive refill cask , it is actually a very nice dram and if you haven’t encountered unsherried Bunna maybe a good one to introduce you to this style from the distillery .

Many thanks again to Rob for the samples , which once again prove that Bunnahabhain is a very under-rated dram from Islay !