Cadenhead’s Potter 11yo Indian Corn Whisky

Another Canadian Whisky , This is a bottling from 14 years ago (as i write) , after researching it on Google , the only reference i could find was tasting notes by my old mate Willie JJ on a Whisky Forum and he seemed to enjoy it ! Made from Indian Corn (see previous 24yo note for what it is) , this one again is from an ex-bourbon barrel bottled at 55.1% .


Light Gold in colour , loaded with vanilla on the nose , quite sweet – Confectioners Sugar , very fruity almost candied peel but more close to a condensed fruit syrup and a hint of spice and pepper . The palate is damn pleasurable ! Again very sweet and vanilla , very clean , a stunning corn whisky ! The finish is long and sweet .

I can’t understand how i managed to get a bottle of this 14 years down the road after trying it , i’m amazed that i managed to get a second one ! The only thing i can put it down to is people looking at it and going “Meh  Canadian…..”  . Well Willie definitely liked it and so did I !!!!       


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