Tangle Ridge 10yo Canadian Whisky

This is a bit of strange one , Sold by Beam Suntory , it says on the back of the bottle Produced and Imported (into America i guess) by Alberta Distillers it is a 10yo 100% Rye (Alberta produce some of the finest Canadian Ryes IMHO) . It is Double Casked , to quote their website (http://www.beamsuntory.com/brands/tangle-ridge) “The rye whisky is first aged for ten years in oak barrels. Then, the barrels are dumped and the whisky is blended with a hint of sherry. The whisky is then recasked for additional aging to allow the flavors to marry.” 


Coming in at the standard 40% ABV and priced at £32 on TWE , it is a Golden Syrup going on Orange Marmalade sort of colour , The nose is of Butterscotch toffee with a lovely Rye backdrop , loads of vanilla and Cask spices . There is a slight hint of sherry but not a lot . It is a very pleasant nose  i could sit and sniff it for ages . On the palate it is pretty much a continuation of the nose , smooth as silk it actually tastes stronger than 40% . The finish is long and of butterscotch and cask spices .

Given the Limited availability and high price of Prime Canadian Whisky in the UK and the fact that this is 10yo Rye from Alberta Distillers , £32 for this bottle is an absolute bargain ! Some people would probably turn their nose up at the fact it is ‘Mixed’ with a hint of sherry , but then what is a Sherry casked Whisky? It’s about time Canadian was given the Recognition it is due ! 


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