A Forty Creek Vertical

Just before Christmas i received a parcel from Davin de Kergommeaux containing 35 samples of Canadian Whisky , due to illness over the holiday period and since , i haven’t been able to try them ! Now i’m up to it i’ve started to taste them…….


A Forty Creek Vertical 

Forty Creek Distillery , i have to say , produces some of my Favourite Canadian Whiskies , since returning from Toronto i rapidly dispatched a bottle of Barrel Select . Based in Grimsby , Ontario , the distillery was purchased in 2014 by the Campari Group . John Hall remains Chairman of the Distillery and Whisky Maker . John was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award at the 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards .


Forty Creek Copper Pot 43%

This was actually the first ever Forty Creek I ever tried at last years Spirit of Toronto so never got to write notes for it . One of two FC’s I’ve got to sample at a slightly higher ABV of 43% . Rye and Butterscotch initially on the nose followed by spices (particularly Cloves) and dried fruit (currants, raisins ) , a fantastic nose . On the palate it’s the Butterscotch that you first notice and a chewiness , it’s almost liquid  toffee , eventually the rye emerges and a slight spiciness . The finish is very long and sweet (the butterscotch again) .

 This is an incredible dram , smooth and very pleasurable , one to add to the possible purchases list .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Forty Creek Barrel Select 40%

I actually killed a bottle of this after our visit to Toronto so it will be nice to revisit it , Another fantastic nose , Rye , Vanilla , Honey , Butterscotch and Cask spices which I still find the same as my original tasting note , toasted oak a la Ardbegs toasted oak casks. Wonderful ! Creamy Butterscotch initially on the palate , a bit of vanilla and now I’ve tasted it on it’s own (via Potter Corn Whisky) I can now pick out a strong presence of Corn Whisky , not that that is a bad thing ! The finish is very long with Butterscotch and the corn whisky .

Another cracking dram , a one I wish was available in the UK , it would be a regular on my drinking shelf if it was !  

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve 40% (Lot 252 Bottle 04539)

Another one I’ve tried before but well worth a revisit…. The nose is loaded with butterscotch , vanilla and marzipan , very sweet , later on the rye emerges through the sweetness . A Beautiful nose . A delightfully spicy palate , silky smooth , a butterscotch sweetness and vanilla , superb stuff . A long sweet , vanilla finish , with spices that seems to go on for ages .

 This is one complex whisky , very pleasing on all aspects and a one that should please the any whisky drinking person .

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Forty Creek 2014 Evolution 43%

 One of the Special releases from Forty Creek , this is the 8th John Hall has put together , limited to 9000 bottles . The Rye , Corn and Barley whiskies are aged separately for 3 years in White Oak barrels , then redistilled and re-barrelled in French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon for 9 years . Finally a few of Johns favourite casks are added to the mix . A strong dark fruit presence on the nose to start with , then vanilla and rye and oak spices . The palate again has the dark fruits (especially currants and raisins ) , it has a touch of sweetness , almost Rum and Raisin Chocolate – anyone remember the Old Jamaican chocolate bar ? The finish is surprisingly short for a Forty Creek , very creamy and raisins , that Old Jamaican Chocolate again .

 Not one of my favourite Forty Creeks , one I wouldn’t hunt down , but a decent enough dram .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve 40%

 Another special release (of 16,800 bottles) , this one has been matured in Canadian oak grown in a sustainable forest only 40 miles away from the Distillery . the Canadian oak is much more dense than the American species due to the long, cold winters . The oak is sent to Missouri where it is made into barrels and seasoned before returning to the distillery . On the nose there is a strong sweetness at first , our good friend butterscotch , lots of vanilla , dried fruits and wood spices . Again the palate has Butterscotch and vanilla but is loaded with wood spices , A hint of pepper comes through at the end . The finish is short to medium with pepper and vanilla and a strong hint of wood .

 This is another different take on Forty Creek , personally I prefer the standard releases to the specials .

 (Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)  

Canada Gold 40%

I had to look this one up on the tinternet  to find out it actually came from Forty Creek stable , Mellow on the nose at first for a FC , the usual Butterscotch , vanilla and rye are there but just not in big dollops . quite disappointing on the nose compared to the above samples . Smooth as a babies bum across the palate , heavy on the butterscotch , less so on the vanilla and spices , the finish is short and sweet with a touch of pepper and spices .

 Not a bad wee dram just doesn’t measure up to the full Forty Creeks , still worth a try though .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Many thanks to Davin for the samples , More Canadian whisky info available at http://www.canadianwhisky.org/


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