All Rye-t on the Night…..

The Canadian [Whisky] Odyssey Continues…..


Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky 40%

Made from Canadian prairie rye and wheat , The initial nose was of freshly baked bread , then lots of rye and vanilla , just noticed the wonderful legs in the glass…… Lovely mouthfeel , very smooth , lots of butterscotch on the palate , vanilla , spices and rye bread . A lovely . long sweet (Butterscotch) finish , smooth and very pleasurable !

A really , really nice Whisky , don’t know the age of it but it gives the impression of well aged , Well Recommended !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Value Whisky of the Year Domestic Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Lot No.40 43% (2014 Batch)

According to some “The Mother of all Ryes” , A very distinct ‘Rye’ nose , out on it’s own ! There are vague other smells in there but by god the rye is overwhelming and wonderful with it ! Whoosh ! Now that is fresh rye bread on the palate with a sprinkling of pepper and spices . Amazing ! After dancing around the tongue the finish just goes on and on . Brilliant ! Ok another one for the list…..

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Masterson’s 10yo Straight Rye 45% (Batch 001 Barrel #F2-038)

A lovely mixture of Rye , spices and butterscotch on the nose mixed with a splash of vanilla . Quite Earthy and dusty , one of them drams you could sit and  nose for ages . Pretty much carries the nose on across the palate but with the Rye more to the fore , smooth as a babies bum . The finish is quite long and loaded with wood spices and vanilla but the Rye holds them back successfully . A pretty potent dram , think that extra 5% makes the difference !

Masterson’s 10yo Rye 45% (Batch 005 Barrel #A2-062)

What an absolutely delightful nose ! Heavy on the rye , lovely butterscotch and spices with vanilla , pretty much on par with Batch 001 but seems even better , even more Earthy and dirty , wow you could just sit with this glass for ages . An even more wonderful palate , huge on the rye again , cloves , wood spices and a touch of Butterscotch toffee . The finish is long , spicy and sweet .

 This is one cracking dram , one definitely worth hunting down and buying a bottle !!!!

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Connoisseur Whisky of the Year Export Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Award of Excellence Innovation: Masterson’s 10-Year-Old Rye Barrel Program , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Stalk & Barrel Rye Whisky 46%

This is extremely pale compared to the other samples , the initial nose is of very young whisky , it actually smells of fresh cut hay , not much of a rye smell which I’m very disappointed in . I’ve left it for a little while and the rye has opened up a tad , still a touch too young though. The palate is slightly better , hot and peppery with a touch of sweetness but still the youthfulness dominates . the finish is medium to long but spirity .

When I saw this in amongst the samples I was over the moon , I must admit I’m very disappointed that it is so youthful , there is potential there but this is way too young for my palate , Maybe , like Kilchoman , it will reach its full potential when it’s left to age for a good while…….

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Best New Whisky , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Many thanks to Davin at for the Samples .


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