Some More Rye

Another Batch of Canada’s Finest courtesy again of Mr De Kergommeaux  ! Some new , Some revisited……


Canadian Mist 40%

Takes a little while to open up but eventually the nose contains the distinctive Butterscotch along with rye , freshly cut straw and Spices . The palate has wholemeal bread toast , rye , toffee , spices , an absolute treat . The finish is medium long , peppery and orange marmalade on toast (don’t know where that came from !)

A lovely dram , a nice sipper !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Value Whisky of the Year Export Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Collingwood 40%

This was the first Canadian Whisky I ever tried , On our first day in Toronto in Piper’s Gastropub in the basement of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel , to be honest I wasn’t that impressed (I was with the Bison Burger I had with it !) so it will be interesting to see how it does now after having had a bit more experience with Canadian Whisky ! This is Distilled at the Canadian Mist Distillery , the twist on the whisky is that staves of toasted maple wood are added to the stainless steel marrying vat to further mellow the whisky (it’s amazing what trivia can be gleaned from Davins site !)  . There is something on the nose I can’t just identify , not bad I hasten to add , it is a quite complex nose to me , a hell of a lot going on , dried fruits – currants and raisins , a hint of rye but there is a lack of sweetness compared to other drams . The Rye is more predominant on the palate and there is more of a toffee sweetness than on the nose , there is more of a sourness to this than anything else , obviously I prefer the sweeter drams . The finish is longish and spicy .

Still not impressed with this , there is still something I just don’t like about it  , can’t put my finger on it , one less for the shopping list…….

Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12 , 12yo 40% (Batch Lot C12-217)

 Very Soft nose , first thing that hits you is the rye , then a very nice Christmas Cake aroma – Dried fruits , spices – it actually becomes very spice laden later on . Quite a complex palate , Dusty Rye , Butterscotch , wood spices , pepper amongst others . Once again on the finish there’s a hint of lemon , is that a Canadian Club thing ? A Surprisingly good dram , wasn’t what I was expecting from CC .

Ninety – Two Decades of Richness 20yo 45%

From the Highwood Distillers in Alberta , released at 45% , this spent two decades resting at the High River Distillery even surviving a highly destructive flood in June 2013 . Apparently this is 100% Corn Whisky made with stock acquired from Potter Distillery when they purchased it , same stuff as the recent Cadenhead release . The nose is rich and creamy , green fruits (apples and pears)and butterscotch . The palate is very creamy , butterscotch , hint of butter and a touch of pepper . The finish is medium , sweet and spicy .

A very good 100% Corn whisky , gets better with each sip , would be interesting to see how it improves with say a full bottle . My only disappointment  is that having tasted the older -24yo – and stronger Cadenheads release from Potters this isn’t as impressive . I’ll have to seriously revisit this again ! Though thinking again I may be being a bit hard on the Ninety……

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Pike Creek NAS 40%

 Referred to as the export edition , this is made for the US market by Corby Distillers (a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard) , made at Hiram Walkers distillery in Windsor , this is double barrelled – finished in Port casks and matured for 7-8 years as opposed to the Canadian home edition which is 10yo . A lovely fruitiness mixes in with the rye , a hint of creamy toffee fights with the red fruits , the port gives the Pike Creek a lovely twist against other Canadian whisky . The palate has a wonderful mix of red fruits , rye and butterscotch sweetness . A joy to swirl around the mouth ! The Finish is long and Spicy  .

Luckily I’ve been able to pick this one up in the UK recently but Davins sample has given me the chance to Head to Head it with it’s Canadian Elder Brother . This is one of my favourite Canadian Drams .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Pike Creek 10yo 40%

This one is for the “Home” Canadian Market , I first tried this one in ‘The Keg’ in Toronto and was immediately impressed with it , seems slightly more relaxed on the nose for the extra 2-3 years maturation it has over the NAS but nose wise there’s not a great deal of difference in it , red fruits rye and toffee .  There isn’t much difference in the palate either though it does seem to have an extra layer of spiciness to it , it has a wonderfully long , warming , spicy finish to it .

There’s not a lot of difference between this and the export version , more relaxed on the nose and an extra layer of Spiciness to the palate , Maybe I need to pick up a bottle of this on our next visit…..  

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Many Thanks again to Davin , more info about these drams and Canadian whisky in general  is available at his site



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