Bunnahabhain Margadale Cask 9000070

This is the 4th cask i’ve been involved in the bottling of (details of the other 3 can be found HERE ) , This one was bought via Raymond Armstrong while he was at Bladnoch and was sold to shareholders who frequented the Bladnoch Forum . Some of us knew each other which would turn out to be a bonus the way future events unfolded…….

Basically with just under a year of the 10 year maturation left the company that owned Bladnoch was taken into Voluntary Liquidation , We all thought that the Distillery would have been sold by the time we bottled but it wasn’t ! So after talking with the Shareholder i knew we decided to track down the remaining members with the help of the Worldwide Internet and Raymonds new Forum . Eventually on the 11th February 2015 we got the cask released to Martin (Raymond’s son) for his company , Whiskybroker.co.uk , to bottle….. later that same day !


The Margadale is the peated spirit distilled by Bunnahabhain and called Moine by the Company , the peating level is believed to be 38 ppm (just a smidge below Lagavulin’s and Caol Ila’s level ) but Bunnahabhain has been known to peat at a lower level .

The Margadale was distilled on the 26th January 2005 during John Maclellan’s management , filled into an ex-Bourbon Barrel – by the outturn of 243 bottles it may have been a fresh one or very tight 2nd refill – it came out at 59.2% ABV .


And now the nitty-gritty bit….. How does it taste ?

Pale straw in colour . It is incredibly smoky on the nose , and i mean SMOKY ! Very seashore , the proverbial ‘Bonfire on the beach’ , It has a slight sweetness to the nose and a creaminess , very reminiscent of a South Shore Islay starting with ‘A’ , then a damp peatiness . A very fiery palate , lots of white pepper ,  a fierce peatiness along with smoke , there’s a hint of the Bunnahabhain sweetness but not much , a touch of barley and there is a slight chewiness to it  . The finish long , peppery hot and peaty . It can take quite a bit of water which enhances the creaminess  and the seashore qualities and doesn’t affect the smoke . The empty glass smells wonderful even after only a few minutes .

I’m more than happy with this , i’d put this up against any other 10yo Peated Islay and if i had to say which it was in a blind tasting i’d go for the one at the Southern end of the A846…

And then there were 4……..


An Old Style SMWS Tasting

Back in Ye Olde Days When i was a member of the SMWS , The days when the Malts were good value , usually unsulphured and Annabel Meikle (@thewhiskybelle) was pouring , the odd Friday night was spent in some lovely spot in Newcastle sampling 5 Cask Strength drams , there was usually a small feast of cheese and biccys at some point in the night . Let’s recreate them fine evenings with 5 old drams from the Society in it’s hey day……. without the cheese !

The evening usually started with a Classic , quite often a well aged Glenfarclas so lets go with 1.101 , a 25yo from May 1997 at 52.1% and labelled as ‘ Apricots and Thinners’ . A Lovely Golden Syrup colour , the nose is quite fruity with a touch of solvent in my eyes rather than thinners but not much , yup Apricot Jam , there’s also Battenburg Cake , ripe Bananas and Strawberry Jam . Getting Almonds so that’s maybe where the Battenburg came from and a bakewell tartish smell . The palate is quite feisty so maybe it was a not very active Bourbon Hoggie , again fruity with a smidge of Vanilla and opal fruits . The finish is medium , sweet and very chewy ! Not a bad way to start the evening…..

2nd dram is a one from the Good ol’ SMWSA , 37.33 , had to look this one up as i couldn’t remember what it is , a Cragganmore apparently, a 14yo from March 1993 at 60.9% .  It’s sherried….. a nice ruby red colour , lots of Christmas cake on the nose , cola cubes but none of the ‘S’ word , Woo-Hoo ! The palate is huge on the sherry , very dry (Oloroso?) and lots of the christmas cake again , the finish is deliciously long , ooh dark chocolate cherry liqueurs !  Wow ! Hang on….. all my old American friends always used to say they used t send the crap over to the states , Maybe my definition of crap is different to theirs ? A wonderful dram !

The Middle Dram ! 99.11 , a 29yo Glenugie at 43.4% , no year unfortunately as the society had changed the labels by this time and thought it would be better to put notes on rather than bottling details but it does say ‘monstera deliciosa’ , whatever that means……. Very pale for a 29yo , Ripe Straw , My nose doesn’t get any of the notes on the label tasting notes (nothing new there…..) , slight nail varnish remover , artificial fruit smells (like in sweets) , old library books and leather . The palate is very lemon flavoured throat sweets , that medicinal bitter type , not very pleasant to me , the finish is basically the same , not the best , i seem to remember this was a disappointment at the time of purchase but in a SMWS tasting you rarely got 5 drams you really liked…..

In all my SMWS tastings when i was a member i cannot remember there ever being a Grain on a tasting (i can remember there being a Brora !) , I’ve tried a few SMWS Grains and on the whole they’ve been good , my tasting notes for a SMWS North British made it into the Distillery internal Book released every 25 years courtesy of Mr Robin Laing )  . So the Penultimate dram of this tasting is a Cambus , G8.1 , 21yo at 61.2% ‘Light , Bright and Agreeable’ . Doesn’t smell 60%+ , digestive biscuits  , honey ,  fresh grain and vanilla . The palate is Highland Toffee (the one with the Coo on ) , honey and digestives , very sweet but thoroughly enjoyable ! The finish is long and sweet . A cracking dram , should have had more on the actual tastings…..

So to the final dram of the tasting , bit of a story to this one , this is from one of the first tastings i went to , it was served to me by the aforementioned Annabel in the Trinity House Museum and it was  the dram that started a love affair with the distillery , i’d only ever tried the Flora and Fauna 15yo and wasn’t impressed , so when i tried this one it was Wham , bam , thank you mam ! Also all the SMWS tastings traditionally finished with an Islay , for obvious reasons….. So onto 53.50 , a 7yo Caol Ila from October 1993 bottled at 62.1% . Very light Chardonnay Wine in colour , very powerful Medicinal initially on the nose , ok totally on the nose ! Antiseptic , eh….. Antiseptic , wonderful Antiseptic ! The palate is pretty much….. Medicinal , maybe a touch of seashore , seaweed , iodine but with a wonderful , long , warming , medicinal finish , actually got a waft of smoke right at the end . If you don’t like Islays this ain’t for you ! Still as wonderful as that first day !!!!!

Oh i do miss them days but as they say , all good things…… Made some good friends through the Society , Annabel , Stephen Marshall and Georgie Crawford to name a few but the Society was a different beast back then……  

A Wiser Man Than Me Once Said…..

So to the final Batch of Canadian Whisky Samples , after the 31 previous one’s it down to the final 4 from J.P. Wiser’s……


J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe 40%

I’ve got what I think is an American bottling of this , it has “Imported” on the label and was bought at a UK retailer who I’ve heard gets his Canadian stock from the USA . So now to find out if it’s different from the one here http://thewhiskyodyssey.net/2014/08/22/4-more-canadian-whiskies/ . Virtually the same colour , the nose is more pronounced than the Imported one , there’s definitely more Rye there along with dried fruits and Vanilla . There is also a different profile to the palate , the imported is more ‘relaxed’ , there seems a bit more of a kick to this one (as much as a kick there can be for 40%….) , more spices and Butterscotch along with vanilla . The finish is quite long with rye , corn and spices .

Not a bad dram , a decent enough session whisky .

(Value Whisky of the Year Multi Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter 2014 Release 45%

The Red Letter is aged for at least 10 years in American bourbon barrels and is then further mellowed by finishing in virgin white oak casks . The first thing that hit me on the nose was vanilla and Oak , then the finest highland toffee (the one with the Coo on….) , there’s Confectioners sugar (like in Bunnahabhains finest ) and a hint of citrus oil . This is  one of them noses you could sniff all night , great stuff ! Everytime you revisit it you pick up something else…… Best move on to the palate , Spicy toffee with oak , the virgin wood is noticeable here but adds to the whisky with a slight bitterness and doesn’t detract from it , the Rye is evident on the palate mixing in well with the spices and there’s a slight hint of bitter chocolate . The finish is medium , hot and spicy rye .

What a dram , the virgin oak gives it a beautiful twist , definitely one to put on the “to buy” list !

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Wiser’s 18yo 40%

 Very closed nose , not a lot coming through , rye , saw dust , hint of Butterscotch . Can’t say the same about the palate , an absolute delight , Butterscotch rye and the saw dust again , spices and pepper , delicious ! The finish is long , peppery , sweet and has a nice woodiness to it .

 This is another cracking dram , the first 18yo I tried from Canada was the Gibson’s , this is on par with it but with an extra kick !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Wiser’s Legacy 45%

Made from a select blend of Canadian Rye , Rye Malt and Barley Malt , the nose on this is fantastic , Apple Pie , Cinnamon and Custard , Rye Bread , Cloves and oak . The palate start off as finest Stewed apples then rye before moving on to fresh cut saw dust , finally there’s a pot pouri of spices . The finish is long , warming and wood spices .

What a cracking dram , one to add to the list of possible purchases !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

So what have i learned from this huge (for me) whisky tasting ? Well there’s a great variety of Whiskies from our friends across the pond (and slightly to the right from where i’m sitting….) , all of it is drinkable , Most of it is outstanding , i’ve discovered a love of Rye from our Commonwealth Brothers through this and previous Canadian tastings . I’ve also discovered i could serious break the bank and the Baggage allowance on our next trip over but i think i’ve narrowed it down….. a bit….. What’s the duty again when you come back into the UK ?

Stand out Drams….. 

Ninety – Two Decades of Richness 20yo 45%

Pike Creek 10yo 40%

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel 40%

Wiser’s Legacy 45%

J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter 2014 Release 45%

Forty Creek Copper Pot 43%

Masterson’s 10yo Rye 45%

Lot No.40 43% (2014 Batch)

Canadian Club Chairmans Reserve 100% Rye 40%

Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky 40%

Crown Royal XR – LaSalle 40%

A Good list to start off with…… But which is my Favourite of these 2014 Canadian Whiskies ?

Nose wise it’s just the Wiser’s Legacy just over the Lot No.40 and J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter !

Palate Wise it’s the J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter just over the Caribou Crossing!

So It’s the Red Letter ! It just has that certain something about it that makes it stand out .

A final big thank you to Davin de Kergommeaux for giving me the chance to try these wonderful Canadian Whiskies and for putting together a great resource site at CanadianWhisky.Org , Cheers Davin !


The [Whisky] Odyssey – Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The Quiet Years…..

After the excitement of the first Camping trip to Scotland we returned a few weeks later to participate in the Longbenton DHSS Motorcycle Clubs weekend trip to St Marys Loch in the great area of  Roxburgh , Selkirk and Peebles ! This was a great Campsite in the field between the Tibbie Shiels Inn and the Loch , they did stop camping there at one point due to ‘troubles’ (not us i hasten to add ) but later on they did start it again in a smaller way for walkers , in the Inns Garden , because Myself and the Gorgeous Melanie actually stayed there in the 90’s on one of our numerous camping trips to Bonnie Scotland .

The Fran eh Flag Raising Ceremony

The Fran eh Flag Raising Ceremony

The Aftermath of Tea !

The Aftermath of Tea !

Much Merriment was had , including a ride to Peebles where we encountered a car rally coming the ‘Other’ way along the narrow roads ! Even though i had a bike at that time (a Honda Twin 125 due to been a learner) i didn’t take it up there , i did however get to have a (slightly illegal) go of a Moto Guzzi 500 with no Front breaks and a dodgy speedo and to ride on the back of a Classic Triumph 650 Bonnie , possible the best Bike i’ve ever been on .

The General Mayhem with the Bonnie to the left....

The General Mayhem with the Bonnie to the left….

The aforementioned Moto Guzzi !

The aforementioned Moto Guzzi !

Couldn’t decide which group photo to post……

Group_1 Group_2

Now in 1984 having got the taste for the Uisge Beathe  it was actually quite hard to buy the stuff in the Toon (That’s Newcastle to you) , Aye you could pick up the Blends in all the Offies (Off- Licenses) but Single Malts ? you had to go to the Department store in the City , Fenwicks , they had a cracking “Wine Department” that sold some of Scotlands finest that was available at the time . Macallan 10yo was a regular purchase and shortly after a strange brew called La- froy-ageeee soon followed it . Now no matter what anyone says , 1980’s 10yo Laphroaig was a different kettle of fish to what it became in the noughties , quite often at parties in the Bedsit i frequented in late 1984 / early1985 cries of “WTF is that smell !” were heard and if friends dared to taste it…..  their faces were always a picture !  Not much experimentation happened in this period , probably due to a lack of expressions but personally i blame Thatcher…..

Myself and Dave did head back for another tour of the Highlands in 1986 along with my then Girlfriend Liz and a mate Peter . We pretty much covered the same places but one of the highlights was staying in Uig on Skye , Great campsite which was sadly gone on our last visit there , within easy staggering distance of the pub , we had a great night there , somehow we were the only people that knew all words to ‘My Old Mans a Dustman’  in the place and the singer managed to guess that we were from Newcastle ( Nowt to do with all the Empty Broon Ale Bottles on the table…..) . One highlight was a trip into Smoo Caves , a guide actually took us in a dinghy further into the caverns . 

Ullapool From the Stornoway Ferry

Ullapool From the Stornoway Ferry

Liz at the Summit of Bealach Na Ba

Liz at the Summit of Bealach Na Ba

Inside Smoo Cave

Inside Smoo Cave

The 80’s basically just chugged along , went to The Mayfair , went to see concerts – The highlight of which was favourites of mine , Aerosmith , actually touring the UK , have to say them drifting into ‘Seasons of Wither’ at the City Hall was the highlight of the 3 concerts i went to on that tour  – going to the local beers festivals and buying the occasional bottle of malt from Fenwicks , oh and there were a couple of Tall Ships races . But things were going to change for ever soon…..

Tall Ships on the Tyne

Tall Ships on the Tyne


Two things happened that changed Malt drinking at the end of that decade , Supermarkets started selling Decent Malt Whisky and a new shop appeared on the streets of Newcastle and Gosforth , Oddbins ! (own up , who thought i was going to say that’s when i met Melanie ? It’s coming…..)

I remember going into Tescos (and this will shock some people ) and buying a bottle of Springbank (you what!) 18 or 21yo for a ridiculous price (can’t remember which one but £35 seems to ring a bell ) mind you it was rightly cheap as it was in a pretty garish red and silver box . That was the only bottle of whisky i ever had something peculiar happen to , Little flakes of silvery white stuff appeared in it . Oddbins had a greater selection and with the assistance of the well trained and helpful staff they had at that time ( This was before Eddie Ludlow became a member of staff there !) i was trying all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff .

Things were really going to get better in the Nineties !  

Me outside someones gaff.....

Me outside someones gaff…..

A Soupçon of Wafer Thin Mint ?

A mixed bag of Canadians in this flight , onward and upward…..


Alberta Premium 40%

This is a 100% Rye whisky made from unmalted rye , produced by Alberta Distillers Ltd, of Calgary, Alberta. A lovely rye nose , vanilla , a touch of spice and orange . The nose is actually quite subtle but thoroughly enjoyable . Ooh….. excellent palate , bags of dusty rye , spices , a bit of oak and orange . A medium finish loaded with spices (especially cloves) and barley sugar .

A lovely little dram , may need to go a bottle of this !

Alberta Premium Dark Horse 45%

I have tried a few of the Alberta Premiums and “other” ryes that came from the same company and I have to say I really like them and rate them highly . Dark Horse contains 12yo Rye whisky and 6yo small pot rye , it also, according to Davin, has a ‘Dollop’ of well aged corn whisky and a ‘smidgen’ of sherry, What , no Wafer thin Mint ? 😉 it is aged in heavily charred American barrels . It’s very dark , almost like an oloroso aged whisky . The nose is a mixture of sherry and rye , it’s the proverbial Christmas cake – Dried fruits , citric peel , glace cherries , cake dough – at first then dusty rye with a soupçon (it’s catching….) of butterscotch . The rye comes through on the palate , not as strong as previous Alberta Premiums I’ve had , I think the sherry and charring seems to dull it , luckily there is a long finish which seems to bring out the rye , butterscotch sweetness and wood spices .

An unusual Rye , different , great nose , slightly under-whelming palate and a good finish . Worth a try but not a bottle in my opinion .

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Canadian Club Chairmans Reserve 100% Rye 40%

Lovely fresh rye nose , really dusty , loads of butterscotch , absolutely wonderful nose and the palate doesn’t disappoint ! Again rye and butterscotch but with a nice smattering of spices . On the finish there’s a very strong hint of Lemon . Heard good reports about this one and it doesn’t disappoint .

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Connoisseur Whisky of the Year Domestic Market, 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Award of Excellence Line Extension , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Collingwood 21yo Rye 40%

This is the 2nd time I’ve had a sample of the Collingwood 21yo , the first time I wrote “I was looking so forward to trying this , Davin recommended it on my visit to Toronto and I couldn’t find it , it’s actually a bit of an anti-climax….” So will my opinion change ? The rye seems a bit more lively on this sample , again it has the fresh bread smell also quite meadowy , touch of vanilla as well . On the palate it’s very spicy , the rye’s more prominent , the Barley sugar sweetness is there like the original sample . The Finish is medium , peppery , vanilla and a slight bitterness .

The Jury is still out on this one with me though it is better than what I remembered from the last time….

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Connoisseur Whisky of the Year Multi Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

J.P.Wiser’s Rye 40%

Trying to work out whether this is a 100% Rye or just has a high proportion of rye in it , it has an incredible rye nose , hot buttered rye toast ! Not really a lot else there to be honest . The palate is very smooth , butterscotch toffee with a touch of pepper . The finish is medium and is quite sweetish / toffee .

I gather this is one of Wiser’s base whiskies (as in lower cost) , it’s a pleasant enough dram but nothing to write home about .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Thanks again to ‘Mr Canadian Whisky’ Davin for the Samples.

Born in the US…… eh Canada !

A whole bunch from the Sazerac company from the US of A !


Royal Canadian Small Batch 40% (Sazerac)

This is the entry point to Sazeracs range of Premium and Ultra-Premium Canadian Whiskies , This seems to be heavy on the corn going off the initial nose , very buttery and digestive biscuits . There is a touch of rye but it’s just getting through dried fruits , saw dust and a distinct earthiness . A very distinct caramel toffee taste at the start of the palate , very sweet , spices especially cloves and there is a touch of bitterness which eventually gives away to the Butterscotch sweetness .  The finish is long , butterscotch , spices and  pepper .

Not a bad whisky for the entry point bottling , nice palate and finish , think it is better than the Legacy but not a patch on the Caribou Crossing .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Sippin’ Whisky of the year Multi-Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Legacy Small Batch 40% (From Sazerac)

From an undisclosed Canadian distillery , this is bottled at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort , Kentucky . This has a bit of a strange nose , very fruity including ripe banana , a touch of rye , vanilla , the one thing I keep coming back to is the smell similar to bourbon from well charred casks . The palate has the more familiar Rye bread , Butterscotch sweetness ,  vanilla , pepper and spices , it has a lovely oily mouthfeel , silky smooth , delicious ! The finish is medium with loads of spicy sweetness .

The Nose is very Un-Canadian , more bourbonish but the taste is cracking . Not a bad wee dram !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

R&R Reserve 40% (Rich and Rare from Sazerac)

Although the brand is now owned by Sazerac , it was originally owned by Gooderham and Worts , The Whisky is distilled , matured and blended in Canada it is again bottled in Frankfort , Kentucky . This whisky has a wonderful nose , oak spices , rye , creamy toffee and baking Christmas cake , joyful ! The palate has a wonderful oiliness to it , Bags of butterscotch , spices , pepper and a very big hint of buttery digestives . The finish is medium long , sweet and spicy .

This is probably the best of the three so far , well balanced and a delightful dram .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel 40%

What a wonderful nose this one has , Incredible Rye , Spices , bags of vanilla and butterscotch toffee…… Drool! Interesting Palate as well , pretty much all of the above with a twist of lemon thrown in , nice creaminess across the palate , fairly long finish , quite oaky . This is definitely one on the list for possible purchase on our next visit .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Another Almighty Big Thank You to Davin for the samples , more info about Canadian whisky at http://www.canadianwhisky.org/ 

The Royal Family Canadian Whisky Vertical, My …. !

Continuing with the Canadian [Whisky] Odyssey , this time with the offerings from the Diageo family .


Crown Royal De Luxe 40%

Created in 1939 to celebrate the visit of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada , it is made up of a blend of Fifty distinct , full bodied whiskies (Corn , Rye and Malted Barley) matured in white oak barrels , it is Canada’s number 1 selling whisky . It has a pretty clean nose , almost bourbony , not much rye , there does seem to be a lot of corn whisky notes , there is also a very small spirity  note . The palate is again very clean , loads of vanilla (fresh casks ?) , very little spices up to now but the rye has reared it’s head . The finish is medium long with rye , cloves and wood spices .

A pleasant enough dram , nothing special to write home about , reminds me more of a Bourbon Whiskey than a Canadian .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Crown Royal Limited Edition 40%

Crown Royal is now part of the Diageo portfolio , This one is released in Canada only . A bit more of a different nose to the De Luxe , definitely more Rye , hint of green fruits – apples , pears , the butterscotch sweetness  and a touch of spices . The palate is loaded with rye and spices , quite peppery and creamy , seems to have a bit more bite than the De Luxe . A Long finish with a spicy pepperiness .

The LE is definitely more enjoyable than the De Luxe , seems to be more of an elegant dram and a one not to smoother in a mixer .

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Sippin’ Whisky of the Year Domestic Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)


Crown Royal XO 40%

This is a Crown Royal finished in Cognac Casks (hence the XO) , I’ve had this one before and enjoyed it so much I even tracked down a bottle and bought it ! So may as well revisit it to see if anything has changed……

Initial nose of Red/Dark fruits , then dusty rye , seems to be a slight lack of creaminess I got in the last sample . Let’s try the palate…. That’s better , just as I got in the past – a bit of dusty rye , butterscotch , spicy , pepper , tarte apples but all wrapped up in a lovely creaminess  , A medium to short finish with rye and the cognac .

 The nose seems a bit closed on this sample but the rest of it is thoroughly enjoyable .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary 40%

Yet another Crown Royal I’ve previously visited , bottled for the 75th Anniversary of the launch of Crown Royal , This wasn’t one of my favourites amongst the batch I tasted it with , the nose has a hint of red apples , slight dusty rye and a touch of Creaminess . The palate is very dry with a hint of rye and not much else . Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ve experienced a few more Canadian Whiskies since I first tried this one but I would prefer a dram of the Deluxe or LE over this as it seems bland .

(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

 Crown Royal XR – LaSalle 40%

Now if I’ve got this story right , this release is made from Whisky that was distilled at a now closed distillery at LaSalle hence the XR – Extra Rare . Initially on the nose this doesn’t smell like a Canadian , there’s a touch of smoky bacon (!?!?) , then the rye slightly appears , there’s almost an Ardbegish smell to this , Creamy Coffee , fudge , a waft of smoke , lemon citrus , if the peat was there I’d say this was a South Shore Islay !  There’s also a hint of fruit (yes it’s starting to head in the original Kildalton style direction….) , wonderful nose . The Palate is a slight let down at first after the excitement of the nose . Slight creaminess , spicy pepperiness , a touch of wood but after a few sips the palate explodes into life with what you’d expect from a good ‘Rye’ . The finish is medium with a nice spicy warmness .

Must say this is one of the better Crown Royals , wasn’t what I was expecting but bloody good ! 

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Thanks again to Davin for the Samples , further information on Crown Royal Whiskies is available at CanadianWhisky.org