Born in the US…… eh Canada !

A whole bunch from the Sazerac company from the US of A !


Royal Canadian Small Batch 40% (Sazerac)

This is the entry point to Sazeracs range of Premium and Ultra-Premium Canadian Whiskies , This seems to be heavy on the corn going off the initial nose , very buttery and digestive biscuits . There is a touch of rye but it’s just getting through dried fruits , saw dust and a distinct earthiness . A very distinct caramel toffee taste at the start of the palate , very sweet , spices especially cloves and there is a touch of bitterness which eventually gives away to the Butterscotch sweetness .  The finish is long , butterscotch , spices and  pepper .

Not a bad whisky for the entry point bottling , nice palate and finish , think it is better than the Legacy but not a patch on the Caribou Crossing .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

(Sippin’ Whisky of the year Multi-Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Legacy Small Batch 40% (From Sazerac)

From an undisclosed Canadian distillery , this is bottled at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort , Kentucky . This has a bit of a strange nose , very fruity including ripe banana , a touch of rye , vanilla , the one thing I keep coming back to is the smell similar to bourbon from well charred casks . The palate has the more familiar Rye bread , Butterscotch sweetness ,  vanilla , pepper and spices , it has a lovely oily mouthfeel , silky smooth , delicious ! The finish is medium with loads of spicy sweetness .

The Nose is very Un-Canadian , more bourbonish but the taste is cracking . Not a bad wee dram !

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

R&R Reserve 40% (Rich and Rare from Sazerac)

Although the brand is now owned by Sazerac , it was originally owned by Gooderham and Worts , The Whisky is distilled , matured and blended in Canada it is again bottled in Frankfort , Kentucky . This whisky has a wonderful nose , oak spices , rye , creamy toffee and baking Christmas cake , joyful ! The palate has a wonderful oiliness to it , Bags of butterscotch , spices , pepper and a very big hint of buttery digestives . The finish is medium long , sweet and spicy .

This is probably the best of the three so far , well balanced and a delightful dram .

(Bronze Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel 40%

What a wonderful nose this one has , Incredible Rye , Spices , bags of vanilla and butterscotch toffee…… Drool! Interesting Palate as well , pretty much all of the above with a twist of lemon thrown in , nice creaminess across the palate , fairly long finish , quite oaky . This is definitely one on the list for possible purchase on our next visit .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Another Almighty Big Thank You to Davin for the samples , more info about Canadian whisky at 


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