A Soupçon of Wafer Thin Mint ?

A mixed bag of Canadians in this flight , onward and upward…..


Alberta Premium 40%

This is a 100% Rye whisky made from unmalted rye , produced by Alberta Distillers Ltd, of Calgary, Alberta. A lovely rye nose , vanilla , a touch of spice and orange . The nose is actually quite subtle but thoroughly enjoyable . Ooh….. excellent palate , bags of dusty rye , spices , a bit of oak and orange . A medium finish loaded with spices (especially cloves) and barley sugar .

A lovely little dram , may need to go a bottle of this !

Alberta Premium Dark Horse 45%

I have tried a few of the Alberta Premiums and “other” ryes that came from the same company and I have to say I really like them and rate them highly . Dark Horse contains 12yo Rye whisky and 6yo small pot rye , it also, according to Davin, has a ‘Dollop’ of well aged corn whisky and a ‘smidgen’ of sherry, What , no Wafer thin Mint ? 😉 it is aged in heavily charred American barrels . It’s very dark , almost like an oloroso aged whisky . The nose is a mixture of sherry and rye , it’s the proverbial Christmas cake – Dried fruits , citric peel , glace cherries , cake dough – at first then dusty rye with a soupçon (it’s catching….) of butterscotch . The rye comes through on the palate , not as strong as previous Alberta Premiums I’ve had , I think the sherry and charring seems to dull it , luckily there is a long finish which seems to bring out the rye , butterscotch sweetness and wood spices .

An unusual Rye , different , great nose , slightly under-whelming palate and a good finish . Worth a try but not a bottle in my opinion .

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Canadian Club Chairmans Reserve 100% Rye 40%

Lovely fresh rye nose , really dusty , loads of butterscotch , absolutely wonderful nose and the palate doesn’t disappoint ! Again rye and butterscotch but with a nice smattering of spices . On the finish there’s a very strong hint of Lemon . Heard good reports about this one and it doesn’t disappoint .

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Connoisseur Whisky of the Year Domestic Market, 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Award of Excellence Line Extension , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Collingwood 21yo Rye 40%

This is the 2nd time I’ve had a sample of the Collingwood 21yo , the first time I wrote “I was looking so forward to trying this , Davin recommended it on my visit to Toronto and I couldn’t find it , it’s actually a bit of an anti-climax….” So will my opinion change ? The rye seems a bit more lively on this sample , again it has the fresh bread smell also quite meadowy , touch of vanilla as well . On the palate it’s very spicy , the rye’s more prominent , the Barley sugar sweetness is there like the original sample . The Finish is medium , peppery , vanilla and a slight bitterness .

The Jury is still out on this one with me though it is better than what I remembered from the last time….

(Whisky of the Year , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Gold Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)
(Connoisseur Whisky of the Year Multi Market , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

J.P.Wiser’s Rye 40%

Trying to work out whether this is a 100% Rye or just has a high proportion of rye in it , it has an incredible rye nose , hot buttered rye toast ! Not really a lot else there to be honest . The palate is very smooth , butterscotch toffee with a touch of pepper . The finish is medium and is quite sweetish / toffee .

I gather this is one of Wiser’s base whiskies (as in lower cost) , it’s a pleasant enough dram but nothing to write home about .

(Silver Medal Winner , 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards)

Thanks again to ‘Mr Canadian Whisky’ Davin for the Samples.


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