Nikka Taketsuru NAS Pure Malt

At Spirit of Toronto we tried the 12yo version of the Nikka Taketsuru , it was really nice , on returning home we found out the 12yo has been discontinued and replaced with a NAS . A blended malt , This contains a high percentage of malt from Miyagikyo, with the reminder coming from Yoichi , reckoned to be around 10yo it is made up from a variety of casks including sherry . So how does the NAS compare to the 12yo ? 


The colour is light Amber , very sweet on the nose , confectioners sugar , some spiciness and a touch of cinder toffee . Lots of dark fruits – probably from the sherry casks in the mix –  and a slight christmas cakeness . The palate is smooth with the fruit and sweetness continuing on from the palate . Again some spices along with a slight menthol feel . The finish is Rich , fruity , spicy and long .

A very nice dram , very balanced , from memory though i think the 12yo was slightly better , not by much though……. 



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