India…… Chapter Two

Tuesday 1st September

Today was a bit of a quiet day after the excitement of yesterday , it was spent around the City Centre of Bengaluru , After Breakfast at the hotel we were picked up by Pramod and Prakash for a look around and a bit shopping . The City has quite a diverse range of buildings , from old Colonial built by the British through to Modern Malls . After a bit of a drive around we ended up at Barbeque Nation for lunch . It’s a popular place with the IT crowd , the Starters consist of a selection of meat, seafood or vegetarian delicacies  on skewers on an actual live grill in the middle of your table , They were absolutely delicious ! Not content with that you get to raid a buffet of lots of Indian delicacies .

On the way out i spotted this little Beaut….. 

(Click on photos to see Full size)

Only a 350 but later on in the holidays a 500 went passed us and it sounded great !

First up shopping wise was a clothes shop where Melanie picked up a few items at very reasonable prices , then it was off to a craft shop where we went a little bit wild and picked up a few Indian momentos . After the retail therapy we returned to the hotel for a quiet night , a meal and a few drinks………

Wednesday 2nd September

Today we headed out of Bengaluru ! Our destination was Mysore , Pramods hometown , heading down the main Bangalore-Mysore Road we once again passed the Amrut Distillery , We also passed a lorry full of items for the up and coming Ganesh Chaturthi Festival (this year happening on the 17th September ).

We stopped at a Services  for a cup of coffee and found this Turkey wandering about the place !

Arriving at the outskirts of Srirangapatna we crossed the Kaveri River which Pramod informed us was a very sacred river to the Hindus .

We turned off the road to visit the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple , it is one of the five sacred sites of worship of the god Ranganatha .

Pramod took us inside and i have to say it is a truely impressive temple , we had to remove our shoes a little bit away from the entrance and boy was the ground hot ! Warmest my feet have been for a long time !! The Craftmanship on the temple was mind blowing , we respected their wishes and didn’t photograph inside the temple . 


Have to say it was an incredible experience inside the temple , gives you a greater appreciation of the Indian peoples main religion .

We continued on our journey to Mysore which wasn’t too far away , as we were approaching , Pramod pointed out a building above the City and said that’s where we were staying , we thought he was joking…..  he wasn’t……..

They’d booked us in to the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel , it was built originally built by the Maharaja of Mysore to host his most important guest, the Viceroy of India. To say we were Gobsmacked is a bit of an understatement ! After dropping us off Pramod headed off to his parents with Prakash . We Settled in , had a bite to eat and went for an exploration…..



Later on the Guys returned to take us to visit the Historic Palace of Mysore , It is the official residence and seat of the Wodeyars , The Maharajas of Mysore . It was late afternoon when we visited and managed to get a look around the outside .



The Elephants were there to take part in the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi Festival , it was a beautiful Palace , just wish we’d been there on a Sunday night to see it all lit up ! We returned to the Hotel after a drive around the city to have a few drinks in the bar .

The bar had the original snooker table in from the late 19th Century

The bar had the original snooker table in from the late 19th Century


Melanie got to try the Local Wine , very nice with loads of Grapefruit on the nose and palate


I had a couple of the local whiskies by McDowells

To be Continued……


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