Ben Bracken 22yo Islay – Every Lidl helps…..

Malt Maniacs and friends look away now….. :))
One of this years Christmas offerings from Bargain Supermarket chain Lidl is a 22yo Islay Single Malt, ‘Bottled and Produced’ by The Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Co (apparently owned by Whyte and Mackay) , the packaging is more akin to a malt costing twice as much . There’s not much info given , it was aged in Oak Casks (bet the SWA is glad of that…..) and the Pot Stills were made of Copper ! This bit of info is worrying , as a person who has been to all of Islays distilleries several times i’ve never noticed a pot still that wasn’t ! Have i missed something? Are they hiding Non-copper pot stills away from the prying eyes of us visitors? 


Bottled at 40% and Chill Filtered , The Colour is of Olde English Marmalade , the nose is quite closed at first, there’s a hint of peat at first , not a huge dollop , eventually a nice bit of seashore and nettle , a soupçon of lemon and a touch of creamy chocolate . The palate has a bigger hint of peat , it is a bit smokie as well , almost like breathing the air after a bonfire on the beach has died down . It actually gets better with every sip ! Very smooth across the palate with a kick on the finish , watch out for the peat shovel on the finish……

A nice enjoyable dram that improves as it opens up , not bad for £45 , so given that it’s a 22yo – from either 1992 or 1993 – the main question is where is it from ? I’ve never been very good with Non-Attributed Malts , especially supermarket ones ,  The last Islay NA Malt i bought was The Wine Societies 25yo the conclusion on that one was that it was a Bowmore , This one rings the Laphroaig Bell , but that’s just my opinion…….