Tea Break !

Just noticed i haven’t posted here (or on the Amrut Blog) for nearly 3 months  , which isn’t surprising seeing nothing has really happened whisky wise in that time , 1 Kavalan tasting (excellently hosted by Ian ‘Conna’ Connors and a thoroughly disappointing Newcastle Whisky Festival last weekend , It was the first festival we’ve attended as punters (in the UK) for two years and we left before two hours were up , The reasons ? Too many people – the room was chocker (appeared too small for amount of people) , couldn’t get near the tables , there was a queue at The Nikka Table ! Lack of exhibitors – hence lots of people around tables , there were afew noticeable absentees – Berry Bros was the one i missed most , Chivas and i think that was the First Newcastle one where Colin Dunn was absent ! For a seasoned drammer of 32 years like myself most of the ‘Interesting’ Drams were tokened , sorry but i paid good money to get in , not forking out more……

I did enjoy a good chat with Ollie on the Elements table and sampling some of his drams and it was nice to see Erik and Laura on the Wemyss Table . 

As i sit here writing this i’m enjoying a 1978 Ardbeg Distillery bottling , lovely stuff and to think it was half the price of the new released Dark Cove when originally released , how times have changed…….

One thing i have been doing a lot – especially since our trip to India and my recent health scare – is enjoying a good pot of tea . Luckily there is quite a lot of quality Indian tea available , i’ve been shipping some in from a couple of companies in India , Golden Tips and Tea Box , Golden Tips does my favourite , a Glendale Twirl Nilgiri Black Tea – absolutely delicious . Twinings do a similar one , a Nilgiri Twist Glendale Estate , both are SFTGFOP1 grade and it makes a great difference ! I prefer Nilgiri (Southern India) Tea but i’ve had some excellent samples from Assam , Darjeerling and even from Nepal (Samal and Antu Valley) . I prefer Black tea but the only green one i’ve really enjoyed was an Organic Avaata Supreme Nilgiri Green Tea .

It’s certainly more fun Discovering Tea at the moment than Whisky……..


2 thoughts on “Tea Break !

  1. Interesting perspective Gordon. You’ve inspired me with the tea: thanks for the tips (!!), I might see if I can order some myself. Disappointing about the whisky show, I often think one’s own collection is a better place to be than enduring all that angst. I hope you are still looking after your health, getting out for walks now that spring is on the way? #naggingnurse

  2. Hi Jude , thoroughly enjoying my teas at the moment . had a cracking Darjeeling earlier and now on a Chubwa (Assam) . We’ve just started planning our walks , if it’s decent at Easter i think Bamburgh is on the cards for a walk along to Budle Bay then return via the shore with the iconic view of the Castle . A return to the ‘Cosner Tree’ is also on the cards , just need to get the Dslr ready .

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