A Scotsman in the North East……

Just lately in our spare time two things seems to have been occupying it , since we got a National Trust Membership  we’ve been GeoNationalTrustSconing quite a bit , ok we’ve been visiting a lot of their properties which usually involves having one of their gorgeous scones somewhere along the visit……

(Click on Photos to see full size)

IMG_0119  Mmmmm Scones……..

The other thing has been Photographing the Grand old Lady of Steam , The Flying Scotsman , she’s been in our area quite a bit of late but i’ve enjoying capturing her image for a long time now……..

scan_006A very old photo of her at The Central Station September 1975

The first time this year was up at Alnmouth on the 14th May 2016 , we were a bit far away to get any decent shots but it was a sight to behold !


Next time was a whole lot better ! She returned to the North East on the 11th June to do “The Tynesider” and we caught her on two stretches , first on the old Blyth and Tyne line in Bedlington and later on the same day on the East Coast Mainline at Plawsworth , County Durham .

IMG_0123-Edit Tyne_000
Tyne_001 Tyne_003
Tyne_002 Tyne_004
Tyne_005 Tyne_006
Tyne_013 Tyne_015

The last time was on the 10th July when she did a run from York to Carlisle , “The Waverley” , including a stretch along the Tyne Valley Railway…..

IMG_0322-Edit IMG_0324-Edit
IMG_0325-Edit IMG_0326-Edit
IMG_0327-Edit IMG_0328-Edit

IMG_0324-Edit-EditVideos are available HERE


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