Through the Kitchen Window……

After the enjoyment of watching the Bird table and feeding stations on our recent holiday in Yorkshire , we decided to invest in a feeding station for the back garden . Now we know we’ll probably never get a Woodpecker at ours , we did know that the garden does have resident Blackbirds and Robins as well as regular visits from Magpies  , Doves and Crows .

So the feeding station was set up directly infront of the Kitchen window and from time to time i recorded what appeared…….

One of the Resident Robins


We have had a few Finches , A Goldfinch which i haven’t been able to capture yet .

A Greenfinch Which is also playing hard to get !

A Young Female Chaffinch

(We’ve also had Males)


Loads of them ! Especially Blues…….

Blue Tit

Coal Tit

And lastly we’ve had lots of Spuggies !

House Sparrow

A Grand Day Out

Suffering from North Yorkshire Moors withdrawl symptoms , we decided to head down to the Railway for a day out , the weather looked (and was ) a bit mixed but we never let a bit rain dampen our day…… We got down to Pickering in plenty of time for the 12pm train to Whitby . We took the road via Castleton and Hutton to travel to Pickering rather than the A171 / A169 , wilder and definitely more beautiful ! After a Sausage Butty in the Station Cafe we awaited arrival of our train , just as it did the heavens opened up……

(Click on photos to see Full Size)

Our train today was the Black 5 45212 , Actually made on Tyneside at the old Armstrong Whitworth Factory at the end of 1935 . 

As always a Steam train arriving is always a majestic sight , even in a heavy downpour…..

The train was actually quite busy esapecially for the week after the school holidays had ended , So off we went up the moors to Whitby , the weather actually cleared for the rest of the day once we reached Goathland where we passed the other ‘Black 5’ on the line working the Afternnon Pullman….

We also got to take the obligatory ‘Train Selfie’

On returning to Pickering we headed off to Levisham to pass a bit of time before going off for something to eat and managed to catch the same Locomotive on it’s las run back up to Grosmont .

After a lovely meal at the Fox and Rabbit in Lockton we headed back home……


Bakethin Reservoir and Reserve

We decided to head a little further out for this weeks walk , into wildest Northumberland , to the north end of Kielder Water . It’s a cracking drive up there , going through several different scapes , woodland and moorland before arriving at The Water and Forest .

You have to drive the entire length of Kielder to get to Bakethin (if arriving from the South like us ) , it is just a short distance South from Kielder Village itself . We decided to split the walk into two either side of a late lunch….

The Morning Walk…..

(Click on any Photos to see fullsize)

This walk was basically a 3 mile circular on the Northshore of the Reservoir , using the North Lakeside Way to head south and the forestry track to head back north , One word of warning though on the Lakeside Way , it is also used by Cyclists and they don’t appear to fit bells to bikes anymore….. and they seem to think they have the right of way……

As an added bonus for us Railway enthusiasts the Lakeside way partly follows the route of the old Border Counties Railway – The North British Railways route which ran from Riccarton Junction through to Hexham – more of this later….

You get some spectacular views across Bakethin Reservoir and Kielder Water on this walk…..

Looking south toward Bakethin Weir

We noticed a couple of horses grazing the grassland on the north shore , they are Exmoor ponies that have been brought in on a project to keep the shrubs and trees down so that the natural grasses and wild plants can flourish…..

One thing we did notice on this walk (as on other recent walks ) there were a hell of a lot of Butterflys about ! Can’t figure out why people keep saying they are struggling…..

A Red Admiral and a Painted Lady Butterfly

It was a very nice walk on a lovely warm late summers day , it gave us a good appetite for lunch , so we jumped in the car and headed up to Kielder Village to go to the local pub . The Anglers Arms isn’t the prettiest but we have to say that it does some damn good grub , the staff are superb and it serves a decent pint of Ale . Melanie went for the Balti Curry which came with Rice , Naan bread and a couple of Pickles and i went for possibly one of the best Ploughmans Lunch i’ve ever had ,

The Afternoon Walk…..

Returning to the Car Park we proceeded on the Afternoon walk , this one was on the South Shore , Straight after leaving the Car park you hit a tree lined embankment which was part of the aforementioned Border Counties Railway route , this leads to a stunning Skew Arch Viaduct which carried the railway across the Kielder Burn .

You get a great view across the reservoir from the top…..

We headed back down the Embankment but you can walk across the viaduct to meet up with the North Lakeside Way , we then followed the path down the side of the embankment to go under the Viaduct .

The Viaduct looks great from underneath showing the Skew Arches up a treat…….

There is also a plaque explaning a wee bit of it’s history….. 

There was also a friendly little Robin buzzing about under the Viaduct……

We returned for a little while on the same path coming across a small pond inhabited by a lone Gadwall Duck…..

We then headed down a trail to the recently opened hide by the side of the Reservoir (designed and built by Students from Newcastle University apparently , very nice it is too !) , There were a few Little Grebes fishing in the pond and a few Cormorants resting on branches….

There were a few more resting in adjacent trees and occasionally flying about….

The one local resident we didn’t see was the Famous Ospreys but they have started to fly off to warmer , foreign Climes . So maybe next year……

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and will return later in the year to see the over-wintering visitors !