Bunnahabhain 1991 16yo Feis Ile

It’s been a while since i’ve done a whisky review (infact added anything to the Blog…..) but in the trying times i’ve decided to raid the whisky cupboard and open something special that will be appreciated by Melanie as well as myself , I’ve always had one philosophy regarding whisky you can’t take it with you when you go so you may as well drink it so you can at least have appreciated it…… No matter what it’s value is on the secondary market…….

So to the Whisky…….


This was bottled for the 2007 Feis Ile (you can read about it HERE ) I can’t remember the price of it but at the time it would have been very reasonable as at this point in time the Bottle Chasers hadn’t really influenced the Primary market prices . Filled on the 28th January 1991 , Cask 276 was one of 100 assorted types filled that day but was the only Spanish Sherry Hogshead amongst them and to make things even better it was an oloroso cask  . Now Sherry and Bunnahabhain are a match made in heaven (see No. 2 , 5 , 6 and 38 HERE  ) , so this one shouldn’t disappoint……

One of 190 bottles , it has an ABV of 54% and was bottled on the 1st May 2007 .

Colour – A Beautiful Amber .

Nose – At first a smooth sherry , none of this sulphur crap , then a slight hint of smoke , Christmas cake dough , a touch of sweetness and a hint of dark fruits .The sherry is the dominant factor on the nose .

Palate – A Perfect palate , smooth sherry , dark fruits (plums , raspberries , blackberries ) , The Bunnahabhain Sweetness , Cola Cubes and thankfully again none of the ‘S’ word .

Finish – A beautifully long and sherried finish , smooth , has a bit of a chew to it , an absolute Joy !

Well…… another perfect Sherried Bunnahabhain , Class in a Glass !