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Hailing from the Fair City of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England i’ve had a passion for Single Malts since 1984 . I was introduced to them on a camping trip to Scotland by a then good friend Dave . I’d only ever had Blends before this , given medicinally in Hot Toddies so was a bit dubious but after my first Macallan 10yo i was hooked , i even got to try the 18 later in the trip . At the time there weren’t too many places to pick up Single Malts but Fenwicks and later Oddbins provided a good option . By the time i met my wife to be Melanie , malts were available in Supermarkets (any one remember the ‘Classics’ promotions in Asda ? You could get 2 Lagavulins for £30!)

By the Mid 90’s Melanie and myself were taking regular camping trips to Scotland but the rather wet summer of 1998 put an end to that and in 1999 we  decided to take our holidays in Hotels , stopping 2 or 3 nights in one place and doing some places we never did camp in . So in the Summer of 1999 we made our first Visit to the Small Hebridean Isle just off the West Coast of Scotland and immediately fell in love with the place . We initially spent our stays in the Lochside hotel in Bowmore – this was due to a sort of Challenge issued in the Visit Scotland brochure  “The bar has over 450 whiskies behind it…..” . After a change of ownership in 2003 we decided to do self catering and have stayed in several cottages in different parts of the isle . Since our first visit we have returned 35 times (up to and including December 2013) . We absolutely love the beauty of the Isle , it’s people and of course it’s whisky !

Mel and Gordon On Islay

15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Looking forward to our visit. Do you know how we can get a tour of Arrdbeg without the average tourist and with access to the “goodies”?

  2. thanks for sharing your islay experiences here.
    just wanted to know, are your bottlings for sale? the recent Port Charlotte should be fantastic, right? 🙂 greetings,

  3. I am going to Islay for the first time in about 4 weeks time. There are 13 of us! 6 adults, 6 children and a baby. The guys are all looking forward to the distilleries, have you any tips for us for the children’s enjoyment? Thank you.

    • Hi Caroline ,
      Probably not the right person to give advice about what to do on Islay with Children as i’ve never visited the Isle with them . I take it you’re over for the half term (Blackberry week) ?
      Depends on the weather i suppose if it’s sunny there are plenty of beaches (it can be sunny and warm in October !) ,There’s a childrens play area at the Port Mor Centre -http://islandofislay.co.uk/ , Port Charlotte . There’s a swimming pool in Bowmore (next to the Distillery !) . There are a couple of Pony trekking places (Ballivicar and Rockside Farm) .
      History wise , there’s the Museum of Islay life in Port Charlotte and the Finlaggan Trust . There’s also the Islay Natural History Trust in Port Charlotte .
      I would check if some are open out of season (quick trip to the Tourists Information centre won’t come in wrong ) and also pick the Ileach (local newspaper) up on the ferry over as that has a list of events that are happening on the island for that fortnight .
      Hope that helps and if i think of anything else i’ll post here !
      Enjoy your visit !

  4. Hi Gordon, thank you very much for your reply. We are all looking forward to visiting the beautiful beaches and I will check the Tourist Info. Thanks again.

    • Hi Christophe ,
      There is only one cask left to bottle and all shares are spoken for .
      I won’t be doing anymore .
      If you are after a cask contact Whiskybroker.co.uk as they are brokers and actually sell casks to the public . They arer very good with casks and bottles .

      • Thanks Gordon, so bad that you won’t anymore do private bottlings. I have the luch to get 1 bottle from your last Port Charlotte 15yo cask 1161 (ans a sample that I will taste very soon).

  5. Hi, I noticed the 750ml release which was also bottled for the US market. I am working on this myself but have some questions about this. Could you hook me up with the person who imported this into the US?

    • Hi John ,
      It was Glass Revolution who imported the bottles , it wasn’t a commercial import as there were only a handfull of shareholders in the US .
      To be honest it is a right pain in the Arse importing bottles into America .

  6. Hello Gordon,
    I am big fan of Port Charlotte. Thanks for sharing the story and background of the blood casks, always wondered what their costs was and how the story unfolded. Do you by chance still have a bottle of the R23 that you would care to trade (preferred) or sell? christian.dzieia(a)gmx.de


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